Chapter News

The Brit who got Kilt at the Bratish

Devin Hundley ties his best MGA score ever with an 84 (+1) to Win The Bratish Open  

While Neil's golf game went all to pot and he was left gutted and screaming "Oh, Bloody Hell" 

And CL Jstar plays from the Lady Tees in a Man Dress  

BEAUMONT, CA- The sound of Bagpipes Blaring from a Japanese truck announced the arrival of Jstar to a handful of parking lot Medios at Oak Valley for the Bratish, and resumed their siren song to send one of our Medios off on the 1st tee (Video on Instagram @iemga).  Neil "007" Ashworth had the deck slightly stacked against him as at least half of the field was deliberately gunning to beat him and only him, after he stated THE Open is the major most people really care about anyways. Paired with our reiging Bratish Open Champ and current CML leader Brian "Dr Bob" Lopez, the pressure was on our Aspiring British Super Villan from the get go. And Neil had things going out of the gates with a Mirdie, Mirdie, Mar start. But Jack the Ripper must have resurrected from his unmarked grave to drag one more victim back down with him, just as Neil had to use his 9iron to retrieve his 8iron from a course neighbors back yard. A triple, double, double, and a quad populated his front nine scores and when followed with a triple, triple, sextuple (10) to start the back 9, his day was long over before he was put out of his misery. Luckily post round a few cold ones allowed him to smile through the pain of having to wait yet another year to motorboat the beloved Jugs.      

Devin was all too happy to be the one nuzzling up to those silver beautys and audibly credited his victory to his deep deep drive to deprive Neal. Oh the joy we get out of friends misery, sick sick creatures we are. Hahahaha... Either way, Devin tore through the front 9 with 3 Meagles and held it together enough on the back to get his 1st win since his 1st tourney ever when he took the Big Check at the AmAm'18. We also found out two of his brothers are also tearing it up in the newly formed Boise MGA so keep an eye out for them Hundley Boys at MGAWC21 !!!  Anyways, way to go buddy, now you're back to giving up 4 strokes to the field and playing Blues at one of the hardest courses in the IE at the biggest payout tourney of the year... hahaha... sucks to be you!  

Our Defending Champ Dr. Bob made a respectable title defense but his 91 (+5) wasn't enough and landed him T-7th.  But he still maintains his lead on the CML for the season and considering the Bratish was the 1st tourney of this OG's year last season, he's miles ahead of last year looking forward to his shot at becoming IEMGA's first Medio to complete the Career Mrand Slam at The Bastards this September.  

Our 2019 Rookie of the Year John Dapsis, or Johnny Daps as I've started to call him, probably really thought this might finally be his time. With near lifelong Buddy Mike Archer claiming His 1st Win at the F.U. Open last month, it would've made for a nice story for them to claim back to back wins. But while his 87 was strong on a tough course, he would have to settle for his 2nd 2nd place finish. Still, he hasn't finished out of the Top 10 all year and leads the short list of Best Medios yet to win a Tourney.

Oh and Archer btw, according to him, "never had it all day" as the distance and difficulty of the Blue Tees left him carding an uncharacteristic 100 (+5) for his first time finishing outside of the money since he joined the chapter. Nothing like a crappy round to follow up a great one to keep ya humble.      

In other news, Lyman "Pain Train" King continued his current hot streak following his 2nd place finish at the F.U., and claimed a T-3rd with another 89 (+1) dispite battling a bday blowout hangover. Partners at the 2 Medio Scramble back in Feburary, Jstar shared the T-3rd w Pain Train, with a slightly easier go at it from the Gold Tees and a 87 (+3). After a plodding front nine at even bogey golf, I was even par on the back through 5 holes with 2 meagles, but just kinda fell apart at the end after missing a hero shot on the Par 5 16th by a Cunt hair. Ahhhh... Wasted opportunites that shant present themselves again.... What canya do but tee it up again?!  

OG Brian Carson started the year out strong with a couple Top 5 finishes but has recently slid back with his 2nd consecutive triple digit score. But his even 100 was good enough to net him an additional .07 cents and the Most Mediocre Award on the day.

And even though the weather was sunny in the 80's with a mild breeze, we finally had a Gramicane sighting for the 1st time this year. Look for an "instructional video" from him coming soon on Insta but otherwise it was better to see him than his golf game.       

Event Results

1.Devin Hundley85$1.26
2.John Dapsis 88$0.84
3.Josh Olson90$0.67
3.Lyman King90$0.67
5.Christopher Garcia91$0.56
6.Eric Matteson92$0.49
7.Brian Lopez96$0.39
7.Robert Smith96$0.39
9.Steve Woodland98$0.28
10.Chris Kerpan 99$0.18
10.Kevin Martin99$0.18
12.Brian Carson100$0.07
13.Neil Ashworth102$0.06
13.Brian Maronde102$0.06
15.Jason Moyer104$0.03
15.Jeff Olson104$0.03
17.Mike Archer105$0.00
18.Tim Minamyer107$0.00
18.Graham Shelton107$0.00
18.Markus Doll107$0.00
21.Anthony Gallardo116$0.00
22.Richard Dunham136$0.00