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Bronze Ticket Shocker!!

THE INTERNET, CA - As you now know, Jack Bourassa from Yellowknife won the second Bronze Ticket in a drawing on Tuesday. The Yellowknife chapter already had 8 medios making the long trip from the edge of the Arctic Circle and it looked like there would now be a ninth. Sadly Jack is not able to make the trip. That left him needing to decide what he wanted to do with the Bronze Ticket he just won.


MGA: Jack, congrats on the win! It's a shame you can't make the event. Did it have anything to do with the $1,000 flight?


JB: No, Unfortunately my clubs are union made and it wasn’t in their contract to play so late in the season.


MGA: So since you can't make it, what do you plan to do with the Bronze Ticket?


JB: Gonna gift it to my chapter prez.


MGA: That's amazing! What did he do to deserve such an honor?


JB: He does so much for those of us in the Yellowknife chapter and never asks for anything in return. Well... unless we’re playing for money in which case he insists on a stroke a hole... and I’m not about to argue with anyone who’s freakin nickname is “Moose”.


MGA: It looks like you had an up and down season. You had a hot start before a mid-season slump took you out of the running for the Chapter Money Title? I know on the other tour, players typically struggle to keep their form after a big win due to media demands. Obviously that's not what happened to you, so what was it?


JB: As I purchased my union made clubs in June of 2016 the warranty ran out right after my victory and my winnings weren’t enough to warrant another trip to Golf Town for a new set.


MGA: I know you guys hit off small astroturf mats from the "fairway", but in the video it appears there may be some grass near the greens. Do you have the option to put your ball onto your astro turf even if it's sitting on grass? If so, what do you typically choose to do?


JB: We're not supposed to hit off of and potentially ruin the grass with such a short growing season. But depending on the conditions and “who’s watching”... either a foot or hand wedge works for me.


MGA: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. There's a big crew coming from Yellowknife this year. Who should we watch out for (both on and off the course)?


JB: Well... off the course you’d be hard-pressed to find a greater bunch of people. However, on the course, all bets are off and I’d be happy to warn y’all but... did I mention our chapter presidents freakin nickname is “Moose”. You’re on your own there!


MGA: Thank you for the interview and for the generosity of gifting the Bronze Ticket to your Chapter Leader. That is completely in the spirit of the MGA and exactly what I would expect from a Real MGAer!


JB: It was my pleasure. I do wish all the Medio’s a great time and look forward to meeting y’all next year... cheers!

In a rare act of somewhat complete reporting, we also reached out to Moose to get his thoughts on this selfless act.

"I was pretty happy when Jack called me and said that he would like to give me the Bronze Ticket. His only request was that I would buy the Yellowknife group a drink on Jack!  That being said I would have preferred that Jack would come to Las Vegas with us but since he can’t I was pretty pumped that he gave the ticket to me.

To be honest, I am not sure if Jack giving the ticket to me was because I’m a nice guy or in appreciation of me running the YKMGA.  

Actually, it has to be for running the league, because in person I’m an asshole…."

If you haven't seen this video about the golf course in Yellowknife, definitely check it out. It's a very unique experience up there!


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the fellas from Yellowknife should have an advantage over the rest of the field at MGAWC17 having all year to practice hitting the ball from rocks and sand and whatever else. 3/4 of the course at MGA17 is rocks, sand and whatever. can they use their mats el presidente ?

Only if they bring enough mats for everybody.

I am willing to share with my fouresome