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Burger shocks everyone by just showing up for the Bastards.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – This story is about triumph, about getting up after being knocked down, it is about how the human spirt can persevere. Translation, this story is about how to bounce back after shitting the bed. After the 2017 Am-Am most people would have been blown away if you told them Kevin Burger was going to play in the Bastards. Burger’s 10 over melt-down on the last 5 holes caused his team to lose out on a repeat as Am-Am champs (the winning team was 1 stroke better when all was said and done). It also helped Burger to a non-respectable 98 and a tie for 5th place. 

Fast forward to this past Saturday. With only about 30 minutes till the first group was to tee off Burger texted the Temp CL that he was running late. Since the Temp CL had seen his melt-down first hand at the last tourney it was believed that Burger was just laying the ground work for a lame excuse to not show his face for a tourney. But low and behold Kevin showed up and made the best of his day.

With 23 Medios set to fight it out for the trucker cap the Course was up for the challenge. The greens recovered from being punched several weeks ago, and the rough was thicker than World Champion Nick Hinton’s man-bun.  Many walking up to the first tee were seen shaking in their golf spikes as if they were anticipating putting up a big number. In fact only 7 of the 22 people who showed up to play were able to break the 100 mark. But this story is not about anybody but Kevin Burger. The guy who was able to hold it together this time when he could get personal glory yet choked hard when he had a team mate relying on him not taking back to back 8s. I am sure his partner will eventually get over the heartbreaking choke at the Am-Am. But apparently as I write this article that time is not now. So good work Burger, way to put up a consistent round when it ONLY matters to you.

In other news the two sibling rivalries are both tied after the second tourney. The Schol-down is getting chippy as Andy pointed out James needed the help of the Red key to beat him by 6 strokes. This led to a back and forth that is likely to mean the loser of the yearlong competition will being paying his brother’s MGAWC17 golf and hotel. The Tabets are still awful quite. This is a little more troublesome as nobody really describes the Tabets as quite.

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