Chapter News

Chan the man

      All eyes were on The Matches semi-finals but everything Chan change quickly. Sorry second time I am writing this. ANdrew "Chan" Chan walked into the clubhouse with an 83 and penalty adjusted 85. His 85 was 1 better than Tyler Marshall, who shot an 80 and lost his match play to my hero, Zack "with a K" Carson.  Chan ended up tying with Mike "Minnesota" Drews who matched Chan with an 83 and adjusted 85. Chan was ready;... but like that, Drews was gone. He was Keyser Soze or Kevin Spacey's career whichever one you relate to better. (and if you don't get, watch Usual Suspects) The big check, the F.U. Open trophy and victory were to be  pushed off for one PMGAer for now. I got ahold of Chan and Minnesota and rallied them together at 1pm at the San Ramon Golf Club. The rules were simple; first to win 2 putt-off holes wins the photo-op, big check and super sweet USA inspired F.U. Open trophy.  Both PMGAers showed off their mediocrity for a few to many putt offs till Chan finally got on a roll and edged out Minnesota Drews. (great porn name) This was Drews 2nd putt-off where he grasp victory this year but has made huge strides to get back his golf game. Drews had a down year in 2021 but has bounced back solidly playing mediocrly in the mids 80s. (PS Drews shot an 83 with an 8 or 4 over #18)!) But Chan still succeeded and won his first ever PMGA event. Chan's celebratation started with a photo shoot with Drews in the back ground showing how he was over shadowed again. Chan was not the only PMGAer to celebrate, as Tyler "80 not 79" Marshall won long drive and closest to pin. Pulling up the rear was Zack O with a very nice 107 for himself. Up next Tilden, even though we already played it. Up next Poppy RIdge.