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Chapter Inflation Hits The MGA

THE INTERNET, CA - We all knew there was no way around this. Given the current shortage in skilled golfers and the lack of proper measures being taken to prevent the spread of golf, it was inevitable the MGA would see chapter inflation this year. But no one could have predicted it would be at 12% and growing.

Currently the MGA has limited the spread to 9 new locations, but the latest data indicates there may be more on the way. The new hotspots are marked in red on the Chapter map.

Seven of these new chapters are headed by existing medios who decided to take their lack of talent elsewhere. A few have even been in the works for years. Initially, we thought Yuba City was impressive, coming back to get things rolling after first applying for a chapter in 2019.

But then, without warning, the telegram in the corner of our office sprung to life and dits and dahs started to roll in from Aiken, South Carolina. We decoded the messages and are happy to say that after first applying in 2014, Jeremy Wilson is finally going to give it a shot this season!

The MGA now finds itself in a situation where if all 73 chapters from 2021 return, we are only a few new chapters away from running out of trophy packs. We are victims of our own suck-sess.

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We're honored in Yuba City to help keep expectations low and final scores high.

Charleston in the HOUSE!!!

Hello Yuba City and my neighbors in Chuck Town! We are getting pumped in Aiken to get this thing rolling. Trophy pack just arrived…let the mediocrity begin and good luck to y’all with getting your chapters going. FORE!!!!!!

I always like how on the screenshot and images of the chapter map you can't even see Yellowknife! haha

Where Hawaii on the map?