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Chapter Leader X2

I was pretty excited late last year when I asked if there were any courses that should be added for next year and someone said Kestrel Ridge.  I lived in Columbus for one year and in that year I played almost every day.  At the time I had no idea that those were all practice rounds and would lead to something so mediocre. 


For the most part the day started off pretty typical, I left later than I wanted to and forgot some shit but I had the trophies and the checks so there was no turning back.  I was in 3rd place on the chapter money list and with Sean out and Neil gone, I knew that I had a decent chance to take the chapter money lead with a win.  

In the days leading up to the F.U. Open I was visualizing every hole and formulating a strategy.  It was all going to plan until my second shot on the first hole, smoked my 9 iron and put it in a drainage ditch near the second tee box.  I knew if I was going to contend today that I needed to be able to recover from mistakes like this so I gathered all the confidence I could muster and bladed the hell out of it right into the water, put me down for a triple bogey to start.  With the bad shots out of my system I started to turn things around.  

I set #8 for long drive because I knew it would be down wind and it didn't let me down.  I absolutely destroyed my drive right down the middle, barely through my backswing I said "good luck beating that!"  Well, it took luck and Micah shanked one off a tree and gave him the roll of a lifetime to barely scoot past me.  I was a little mad about getting beat but quickly remembered that the only time I have won the long drive that I also played it off a tree.  So good job Micah, just proves that sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. 

I finished the front 9 with 6 pars and was at the top of the leaderboard but something didn’t feel right.  Every time I checked the leaderboard there was this unfamiliar name near the top.  I can only assume that Max shared his videos with Jon because he was putting together one of the best rounds of his life and was on my heels the entire time.  

The back 9 was much of the same, I was making mistakes but not usually more than 1 on a hole and I feel like that was key to my success.  Speaking of keys, Tyler won the key to the red tees with an impressive 115 and won closest to the pin.  Might be the first time that has ever happened, maybe not but feel free to check and let me know. 

With the win I climbed to the top of the chapter money list, it feels good at the top but now I also feel like I have a target on my back.  Well, come and get me.

*note to self, when scheduling an event that I feel like I may win, don’t follow it up with the most difficult course from the back tees.


-Chapter Leader X2