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Charlotte Am-Am Recap!

The 2024 Charlotte MGA season is off to a great start! Thanks to everyone who made it out to Eagle Chase to kick off our new year.

Dustin Martin shot a 76, including an even-par 36 on the back 9 with three straight birdies! That's a great round (and a Low Gross award), but breaking 80 gets you disqualified here in MGA-Land. Sadly, that also gets your Am-Am team disqualified (sorry, Daniel!).

So, here are the official team results:

1. Chris Mclaurin - Corey Thoesen (183).
2. Dave Ahern - Jack Whelan (190).
3. James Guidi - Jerry Wojenski (194).
4. Chris Blosser - Scott Henderson (205).
5. Matt Medlock - Michael Hoffman (206).
6. Stan Law - Terence McClary (221).
7. Lee Fletcher - Steve Olsen (226).
8. Joe Ricciardi - Josh Drewno (227).
9. Daniel Payne - Dustin Martin (183: DQ).

See the other results below, and at

Corey Thoesen was the big winner, taking the big check, the two-headed trophies (with partner Chris Mclaurin) and the long drive title. Congrats to all!

Next up is a tradition kinda like another: The Bastards is scheduled for Sunday, May 5 (course TBD). Please visit to register today. Thanks!

Event Results

1.Corey Thoesen89$1.12
2.James Guidi91$0.74
3.David Ahern93$0.59
3.Scott Henderson93$0.59
5.Chris Mclaurin94$0.50
6.Jack Whelan97$0.43
7.Michael Hoffman100$0.37
8.Daniel Payne101$0.31
9.Stanley Law103$0.22
9.Jerry Wojenski103$0.22
11.Matthew Medlock106$0.12
12.Richard Fletcher110$0.06
13.Chris Blosser112$0.06
14.Joseph Ricciardi113$0.04
15.Joshua Drewno114$0.03
16.Steve Olsen116$0.02
17.Terence McClary118$0.00
18.Michael Pappas120$0.00
19.Eric Law127$0.00
20.Dustin MartinDQ$0.00

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