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Charlotte Am-Am (Social Distance Invitational) Recap!

Somehow we pulled it off, in spite of COVID-19. The 2020 Charlotte MGA season is under way!

We went ahead with our plans for the Rebel Beach Am-Am (AKA the Social Distance Invitational) at Eagle Chase on March 21, and had a strong turnout with 21 golfers in attendance. We kept our distance from each other during the day, and instead of gathering after the round, we announced the awards on a Zoom videoconference the next day. 

Chris Kirksey and Dustin Martin led the pack, running away with the team title by 10 strokes, and tying for individual honors with net scores of 90. 

I didn't do the math with their penalty strokes until after we'd left the course, so we couldn't do a playoff that day. I left it up to them to decide how and when they would settle the score, and Dustin graciously stepped aside. He's getting married in November and couldn't make the MGAWC anyway, so he decided to give someone else a chance at a golden ticket. So Chris Kirksey is our individual champion! See the complete individual leaderboard under EVENT RESULTS below.

Here are the Am-Am team results:

1. Chris Kirksey-Dustin Martin 180
2. Kevin Karr-Les Smith 190
3. Brian Thiebert-Matt Coffey 195
4. Brendan Cash-Joe Scott 196 (special recognition for best team uniforms - see photo above)
5. David Lively-Scott Buckelew 207
6. Matt Baker-Ross McKinnon 210
7. Chris Blosser-Joe Keselyak 223
8. Lee Fletcher-Jon Folk 227
9. John Cababa-Scott Marek 228
10. Andrea Blosser-Kelly Ervin 248

And the awards:

Most Mediocre: Dave Lively (avenging his coin-flip loss of the Golden M award at last year's Am-Am)
Biggest Meltdown: Scott Buckelew
Longest Drive: Joe Keselyak
Closest To Pin: Joe Keselyak (you would think that more than one of 21 golfers could hit the green on a 142-yard hole, but...)
Gross Award: Chris Kirksey and Les Smith
Key to the Red Tee: Andrea Blosser

We do have a Stay at Home order here in North Carolina now, but outdoor activities (including golf) are deemed to be Essential Activities and are allowed to continue. So unless something changes and they shut down the courses, we will go ahead with our plans for The Bastards on April 18.

Stay safe and healthy, everybody!

Event Results

1.Christopher Kirksey90$1.12
2.Dustin Martin90$0.74
3.Les Smith91$0.62
4.Matt Coffey95$0.56
5.Joe Scott97$0.50
6.Ross McKinnon98$0.43
7.Brendan Cash99$0.34
7.Kevin Karr99$0.34
9.Brian Theibert100$0.22
9.Scott Buckelew100$0.22
11.David Lively107$0.12
12.Eric Law108$0.06
13.Chris Blosser110$0.06
14.John Cababa112$0.04
14.Matt Baker112$0.04
16.Jon Folk113$0.02
16.Joseph Keselyak113$0.02
18.Richard Fletcher114$0.00
19.Scott Marek116$0.00
20.Kelly Ervin120$0.00
21.Andrea Blosser128$0.00