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Chimp Free in '23, the Champ's directive

World Champion "Lord" Dan Piotrowski, aka Jon Morley's best friend *unofficial, has decreed that the MGA should strive to be Chimp Free in 23! *I believe he said "Monkey free" but monkey's have tails & the default avatar is a chimp...* This article will guide you through the process of fixing that rookie identifier and achieving the Champ's goal.

Step one, select "your profile", its easy to find, it's right under Your Mom.


Step 2, Ok, now you'll move on to editing your profile by hitting the button that says, "edit profile"

Step 3. Hit the Choose file button and search through your files and find your favorite picture.  In my case, I chose a picture of me & my bestie Ian Kawas (Tallahassee chapter leader & fellow Lifetime Member) from the 2022 MGA World Championship.  It needs to be under 256mb.  If you need shrinkage, dip it in cold water or hit this handy guide, Iphone "users"  Android users

While you're here you can enjoy the little snippet of epic pics from my camera roll of MGAWC22.

Step 4.  Hit upload then scroll down to the bottom & hit "save"    Now you sit back and revel in your mastery of the interwebs.  You've done it, you're now part of the cool kids club and officially Chimp Free in '23.   

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Well Played Chris …. Well Played

Best BFFs forever!

I support this message

This guy gets it

I’m not in your 22 MGAWC pics, only slightly epic

But the infomercial you did on YK tourism in my livestream was epic!