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CLTMGA - FU and the Cart You Rode In On

Ok, so we played some golf at the 2016 Charlotte FU Open. Randy won. Way to go Randy! Eric won long drive and gross. Thanh won most mediocre in his last event before he leaves Charlotte to accept a promotion (seriously, who does that? Get your priorities straight Thanh!). I won the meltdown award for what seems like the 10th straight event.

But you see that picture on the you don't care about any of that stuff. Lets talk about golf carts and creeks.


So how exactly does a golf cart end up in a muddy creek?

Well it was hot as balls, so maybe Caleb was trying to cool off. Maybe Caleb took 'play it where it lies' a little too literally. Maybe Caleb is a fan of the Oregon Trail and was trying to ford the river!

We may never know...but that's okay. Because at the end of the day, Caleb became the first winner of the MGA's newest award - Closest to the Water - and the accompanying "I'm very wet" bumper sticker.

And lets be honest, what better captures what it means to be in the MGA than that golf cart in the creek?

Event Results

1.Randy Peach92$0.51
2.Charles Widelski95$0.31
2.Eric Waddell95$0.31
4.Thanh Le108$0.25
5.Michael Griswold110$0.23
6.Caleb Mabe111$0.20

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Panel Of Experts (2)


Is that a broomstick pinning the throttle to the floor?

It looks like it! So this was all for the insurance payout! #MGAconspiracytheories