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Covid Year-in-Review and a Changing of the Guard

Hello DC MGAers! The 2020 season wrapped (several months ago, actually), and it is probably a good idea to get something posted before the calendar reads 2021. So with literally no ado whatsoever, here’s the 2020 Covid-19 Season recap.

The DC chapter had a fairly good year. We picked up five new golfers this year—Bennie Kovach, Matt Bronson, Tom Donnellan, Steve Gilbertson, and Chris Luer. We also saw a brief return of Dick Sedwick, who played one event, finished 4th, and then returned to obscurity immediately thereafter. I have it on good authority he recently was fitted for new sticks, and a return to regular status on the Tour is in the cards for 2021.

As was the case with many chapters, we did not kick off the 2021 season until June, where we started with the F.U. Open at Twin Lakes (Lakes course). Virginia courses re-opened during the pandemic, and everyone quickly got accustomed to walking courses and putting with the stick in and introduced to pool noodles cut into each hole. Newcomer Bennie Kovach took home the title, firing a near-disqualifying 80, which included a kick-in meagle on the very first hole. Welcome to the chapter, shithead. Bill Kintz sadly walked away with the key to the red tees, while Karen Larson took the Meltdown award with a +10; 45-55… the way God intended. Sadly, we said goodbye to Andrew Dewey, who moved to NC for a graduate school education at Duke University. Congrats on acceptance and good luck with the MBA, Dewey!