Chapter News

Cunningham earns the Bling at MGA!

George Cunningham (84) edges out Bernard Settle (86) by two strokes to grab the sweet golden "rope"!!

Event Results

1.George Cunningham84$1.35
2.Bernard Settle86$0.90
3.Ryan Reese90$0.75
4.Noah Kiehle91$0.68
5.Joshua Wolinsky96$0.60
6.Eric Bomgardner97$0.53
7.Mat Coughlin100$0.45
8.Charles Wentz101$0.34
8.Clifford Jordan101$0.34
10.Bill Wyatt III102$0.19
10.Jeff Simmons102$0.19
12.Timothy shannon106$0.08
13.James Wyatt110$0.06
13.Matt Reaves110$0.06
15.Joe Busch112$0.04
16.Garland Griswold118$0.02