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CVMGA - 11th Season Opener of the Rebel Beach AMAM

Naked women, naked women, naked women...

Now that I have your attention.... I'd like to welcome you to the 11th Season of the Conejo Valley MGA...

The CVMGA, Rebel Beach AMAM was filled with laughter and beer. One would think that golf was played, and I guess you can say golf was played. It was played and played and played. Golf actually happened at this event. 14 medios came out for the 86 degree weather. With the sun out, the scores were lower than expected. We did see seven medios in the 100's. Which I hope is the norm for the season. You all know with scores in the 100's, it shows that we are really mediocre and belong.

We are a simple chapter and with simplicity, we ask that you see our pictures on instagram.



Event Results

1.Matt Elliott92$0.98
2.Jeremy Everakes 88$0.65
3.Jon Lopez93$0.54
4.Robert Barnes 96$0.43
4.Christine Hardison96$0.43
4.Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo96$0.43
7.William Steinmeyer97$0.33
8.Kevin Thomas 100$0.27
9.Joe Donia103$0.19
9.Patrick Sisante103$0.19
11.David Nystrom106$0.11
12.Anthony Pimentel108$0.05
13.Brandon Jackson109$0.05
14.Rob MacIntyre110$0.04