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CVMGA - The FU secures, Steve Melvin his spot in Vegas

 The Conejo  Valley MGA set forth on Olivas Links in Ventura to crown a new winner. Steve Melvin went one stroke under Russ Franc, to earn himself a place in Vegas. 

The medios continued to figure out a way to get to Vegas, we also are able to secure new rookies that enjoy receiving the red key.  Lorenzo DeSantiago found us on Reddit and believe it or not he actually fits right in with us.  

It is always nice to see Rob Barnes go from a winner to the biggest meltdown within  two events.

  For some reason there are no pictures of Russ Franc winning longest drive nor Mike Tractenberg winning closest to the pin.  Yet they did and I hope the remember that they are entered in the MGAWC longest drive and closest to the pin. 


Most Mediocre went to Pat Rodriguez, he is what we all strive for. Well at least the writer of this article. 

In a few weeks the CVMGA will head back to Ventura to compete for the Bratish Open. This is one of the most  sought  after trophies, yet we still miss the movable juggs.

 I’d like to take time out to thank the one person who is reading these articles, I appreciate that you have a moment to read my shit. 

Event Results

1.Steven Melvin92$1.35
2.Russell Franc93$0.83
2.Robert Barnes 93$0.83
4.William Steinmeyer94$0.68
5.Jeff Rickert96$0.60
6.Jeff Lewis97$0.49
6.Matt Elliott97$0.49
8.Joe Donia98$0.38
9.Patrick Rodriguez99$0.30
10.Anthony Gonzales100$0.23
11.Hugh Mckay102$0.11
11.Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo102$0.11
13.Christine Hardison103$0.07
14.Kevin Thomas 106$0.05
15.Gary Fraigun107$0.04
16.Rob MacIntyre108$0.02
17.Ken Semer111$0.00
18.James Carnegie112$0.00
19.Adam Garrett114$0.00
19.Lorenzo DeSantiago114$0.00

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