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Dan Cantrell Triumphs at The MGA, Honors Late Cat with Victory

North Richland Hills, TX — Today, the Iron Horse Golf Course witnessed an impressive display of "better than mediocre" golf as Dan Cantrell emerged victorious in the DFW Chapter of the Mediocre Golf Association’s first major tournament of the year, aptly named "The MGA" mirroring a lesser tour's tournament being played in Kentucky the same week called "The PGA".  Cantrell, who shot an 80 (net 86) with 3 birdies and 2 doubles and a shitload of pars, claimed his second MGA major win, solidifying his position as a formidable player within the league.  

Since last month's Bastards tournament was postponed due to an April rainout at Stevens Park, The MGA marked the second event of the season and the first major. Anticipation was high, and Cantrell did not disappoint - even on just a few hours of sleep after watching his beloved Dallas Stars advance to the Western Conference Finals at 1AM this morning just hours before his tee time. His recent form has been remarkable, having secured second place at the AM AM and maintaining a top-five average for since the last half of 2021. His exceptional performance streak has set a new standard within the chapter, but with only 3 tour wins, he still has a ways to go to catch Jenkins current lead with 11.

Cantrell’s win today was particularly poignant. After the round, he dedicated his victory to his late cat, Mr. Wiggles, saying, "This one was for Mr. Wiggles!" The heartfelt tribute added an emotional layer to his triumph, reflecting his deep connection with his furry friend who will be missed.

As the DFW Chapter of the Mediocre Golf Association continues to grow, Dan Cantrell’s remarkable victory at Iron Horse stands as a testament to skill, perseverance, and the heartwarming connections that make the sport special.

The tournament also saw the chapter’s membership grow with FOUR new members: Russell Blake, Chris Simmons, Danny James, and Dustin Stroud. Stroud, previously a guest, played his first official tournament as a full member today.  Russell was able to come home with the long drive trophy for his hulk smash on hole 11, and our own chapter leader Geoff Scott got closest to the pin with a birdie on hole 8.  

Newcomer Chris Simmons made his mark by winning the "most mediocre" award, thanks to his unique achievement of hitting both a house and a highway during his round. His feats perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the MGA, where celebrating the average and unexpected is all part of the fun.

In true MGA fashion, the event was filled with memorable moments. Robbie Rogers earned the dubious honor of the "biggest meltdown," with a significantly higher score on the back nine compared to the front. Dustin Stroud took home the "Red Key" for the highest score of the day, making his mark in his first MGA event.

Event Results

1.Dan Cantrell86$1.35
2.Jonathan Dennehy87$0.90
3.Danny James88$0.75
4.Joseph Sisco89$0.68
5.Todd Jenkins91$0.60
6.Michael Rountree92$0.53
7.Barry Martin93$0.41
7.Bryon Wagner93$0.41
9.Wesley Rogers95$0.30
10.Justin Reed99$0.23
11.Chris Phillips100$0.11
11.Roger Dennehy 100$0.11
13.Rich Young102$0.07
14.Geoff Scott107$0.05
14.Ryan Riviello107$0.05
16.Russell Blake108$0.02
17.Christopher Simmons116$0.00
18.Robbie Rogers117$0.00
19.Dustin Stroud 124$0.00

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