Chapter News

Derek Johnson in 2nd MGA event, proves he's a Douche Bag!

Derek Johnson wins the Douche Bag in his 2nd outing in the MGA.  Good work!

Most Mediocre went to Adam Hussain, Meltdown to Jeff 'Strokes' Stanton with a solid 10 strokes melt, LD went to Jim Stein, MGA KP went to Carlos and the other went to Dave Ingraham, Stanley Cha obtained the Red Key and Billy McPhee and Stein go the low gross.

Fun times had by all and Eastmoreland reared it's ugly head, again.

Event Results

1.Derek Johnson89$1.35
2.Andy Arnone90$0.90
3.Billy McPhee91$0.75
4.Jim Stein93$0.68
5.Mark Woodward94$0.60
6.Carlos B Blandino95$0.49
6.Dan Dillon95$0.49
8.Ken Vaughn96$0.38
9.B.J. Koppert97$0.19
9.Rick McCutcheon97$0.19
9.Richard Wine97$0.19
9.Maxwell McCutcheon97$0.19
13.Shad Schafer98$0.05
13.Brent Riggs98$0.05
13.Tye Harwood98$0.05
13.Tommy Spann98$0.05
13.Adam Hussain98$0.05
18.Anthony Perez99$0.00
19.Jeff Stanton101$0.00
20.Doug Evans102$0.00
21.Jarren Patao103$0.00
22.David Ingraham107$0.00
23.Jason Misner112$0.00
24.Ben Holliday114$0.00
25.Dom Liserre115$0.00
25.Stanley Cha115$0.00
28.Alejo MacielDNF$0.00
28.Alex StrocsherDNF$0.00