Chapter News

Devin Fleming wins The MGA! Schafer has EPIC Meltdown.

Congrats to Devin Fleming for winning The MGA at Langdon with an 84.  He gets the honor of playing from the Blue Tees at Stone Creek.

We had a lot of people Meltdown on the back 9, but Shad Schafer managed an EPIC 12 strokes.  I think the term people used was “Shit the bed”.  John Diaz almost got it with an 11 stroke meltdown.  Many more at 9 or 10.

Mitch Hurt was the Most Mediocre, Longest Drive goes to Max McCutcheon, KP goes to Jeremy Huttner (he made the birdie putt), Gross Award goes to newcomer Ben Jarrett with an 81.  Jim Stein got an eagle on #2 with a blind shot in.

The Key to the Red Tee goes to Rich Bundy.  He has the option of playing from the red tees for the next tournament.  Jeff Stanton did it last year and won the tournament and got long drive as well.