Chapter News

Down under brings the thunder to Rebel Beach Am. Am. 2019

With looming thunder storms and a soggy golf course, the North Dallas MGA attacked the sponge like conditions of The Lakes Course at Fire Wheel with hopes of winning the first big check of the season!   Among the 42 Medios who entered the first event of season, we saw many new faces, in addition to the 2018 MGA WC, who made his first appearance of the season. As with last season, we had a tie for first place and since we didn’t have a goal post on the range to decide the winner, we had a three player putt off.  Newcomer Chris Stewart beat-out Trey Sherman and three-time playoff loser Jim Goetz.   Other awards included Most Mediocre awarded to James Cannon, Biggest Meltdown awarded to Austin Montgomery and Skyler Zadow, Kinda-Long awarded to Chris Stewart, Kinda-Close awarded to Erik Vergara, and The Red Key winner, J.R. Villanueva.


Event Results

1.Chris Stewart89$1.12
2.Jim Goetz89$0.68
2.Trey Sherman89$0.68
4.Eric Pike90$0.56
5.Steve Blackwell 91$0.50
6.Myke Prier93$0.37
6.John Cole93$0.37
6.Erik Vergara93$0.37
9.Charlie Fry95$0.19
9.Ross Gillispie95$0.19
9.Jonathan Lareau95$0.19
12.Chris Rozdilsky96$0.06
13.Greg Madrid97$0.06
14.Jordon Seidl99$0.03
14.Chuck Bowers99$0.03
14.Andrew Mixon99$0.03
17.James Mann100$0.00
17.Lance Pownall100$0.00
19.Tino Lopez102$0.00
19.Brian Turchi102$0.00
21.Garrett Nees 103$0.00
21.Jeremy Ramey103$0.00
21.Lou Campenni103$0.00
24.Kevin Jordan104$0.00
25.James Cannon105$0.00
25.Ryan Vaughn105$0.00
27.Gaston Ammons106$0.00
27.Steven Boyett106$0.00
27.Risto Deinlein106$0.00
27.Gary Davis106$0.00
31.Alan Lott107$0.00
32.Matt Zimmerman108$0.00
33.Jarred Griffin110$0.00
34.Edward Anaya113$0.00
35.Austin Montgomery114$0.00
36.Chase Anaya115$0.00
36.Russell Pannell115$0.00
38.Matthew Oyer117$0.00
38.Matt Neville117$0.00
40.Skyler Zadow120$0.00
41.J.R. Villanueva123$0.00
42.Hunter KillamDQ$0.00