Chapter News

The Drought is Over!

(8/14/2021)-  The drought it over!  The Fore! Championship was played at a lush, green golf course in Colorado in August!  Another type of drought was also over.  There was a tournament winner who wasn't a Brandt or a newbie.  Saints be praised!  The tourament at Mariana Butte produced a close pack of mediocre scores, that ended in a 3-way tie.  Adam Diel, Jerry Brandy, and Christian Kirk proceeded to the practice green for a putt-off.  But it was all over after Kirk drained a ridiculous putt wearing flip flops, with the chapter roaring with cheer to much the dismay of Diel and the senior Brandt. 

Also in contention but far too good, Jonathan Furst and Jon Brandt DQ'd with matching 78s.  Rob Taylor "enjoyed" the biggest meltdown.  Previous tournament winner, Blake Wallin, went from best to most mediocre.  Jon Brandt was closest to the pin (what a surprise..).  Christian Kirk won long drive (fairways are apparently tough to hit!).  Ariel Figuracion will be playing from the front of the bus at the next tournament.

Event Results

1.Christian Kirk92$1.28
2.Adam Diel92$0.78
2.Jerry Brandt92$0.78
4.Brian Church93$0.64
5.Rob Taylor95$0.57
6.Blake Wallin97$0.50
7.John Morley98$0.39
7.Sean Davis98$0.39
9.Sean Moore100$0.29
10.Ariel Figuracion114$0.21
17.Jon BrandtDQ$0.00
17.Jonathan FurstDQ$0.00