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Everybody Lance Now

What a turnout for the MGA - a beautiful Thursday round at Spokane's premier country club up north - Kalispel. Shirts were tucked in and spirits were high as 28 medios and 2 guests trucked up the hill to get started on the back 9. The rough was a real son of a bitch and kept us looking for glimpses of white in a mash of green but we powered on and powered through to keep marshals and members happy with our pace of play. Everyone did a fantastic job being respectful of the course and the employees, I expected nothing less from you boys and thanks again for keeping it tight. 

Special mention to our big hitter Edmond Chen taking down the Kinda Long on a 330 par 4, and to Andy Benson getting one tight on the top of the ridge at 13 to take home the Kinda Close. Our former KGCC Champ Austin Smith had a big swing from front to back taking down the meltdown award with a 15 stroke differential. A-A Ron took home the coveted towel and some goldware with the most mediocre on the day, shooting 55-55. And last but not least one of our newest medios Danny Hicks secured DFL and the keys to the Red tees next month at Downriver by carding a hefty 129 on the day. 

What else can be said about the MGA at KGCC other than the true story of the day, everybody's favorite SpoMedio Lance Hart taking home his first ever W, a gold chain and a check! I hit the panic button a little early thinking Matt and Eric (who had to leave early to be good Dad's coaching some T-ball) would be tied for 1st with net 94's...but low and behold Lance is cruising into hole 9 with comfortable little lead going and 0 penalty strokes, they boys went wild when we watched him put that yellow ball into the cup on 9 to seal the deal. Matt I and Mike H tied for the gross award at 88, but since they weren't there at the celebration, I thought Lance deserved that little trophy as well. And while it may have been drowned out by a cheering clubhouse I have to give a nod to Ryan Reid providing the script for Lance's check ceremony:

The Indica Ayatolah

The Sativa smasher

Puff puff pass the new crown his way, your 2023 MGA Champ:

Lance Hart!!

Until next time and next month, remember to get your payments in before registration closes or our cock at arms David Chambless will ruin your day. Cheers, and Everybody Lance Now!!


Event Results

1.Lance Hart92$1.35
2.Matthew Ittner94$0.83
2.Eric Everett94$0.83
4.Andy Butler96$0.64
4.Mike Hamilton96$0.64
6.Andrew Araujo97$0.53
7.Ryan Reid98$0.38
7.David Ittner98$0.38
7.Zachery Ray98$0.38
10.Edmond Chen99$0.19
10.Embay Lee99$0.19
12.David Chambless100$0.08
13.Andrew Benson 102$0.06
13.Brady Kingrey102$0.06
15.Scott Kaulig104$0.03
15.Brandon Frohberg104$0.03
17.Blake Miller105$0.00
18.Nicholas Kovarik106$0.00
18.Charlie Peckham106$0.00
20.Austin Smith107$0.00
21.Aaron O’Connor110$0.00
22.Karl Bowen112$0.00
23.Boomer Da Legend114$0.00
24.Michael Brown116$0.00
24.Bryan Rickey116$0.00
26.Brad Parker121$0.00
27.Alan Steinolfson124$0.00
28.Daniel Hicks129$0.00

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