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F. U. Toby Olsen! - Wait....I mean Toby Olsen Wins the F. U. Open!

The 2018 Freedom and Unity Open was held at Mile Square Park - Our second event this year at Mile Square Park and Apparently either everyone was really Hungover from the night before or we all just really shit the bed!   

Toby Olsen - Our fearless Chapter Leader somehow kept his shit together for the entire round and shot an astonishing 83 (seriously, best tournament round of his life). Beating out everyone else by 8 strokes.   



Though we had a full field of 24 Mediocre Golfers there were only 2 brave souls able to even come close to Toby's score, but of course they Both went way to Ham and shot their dicks off not only beating toby but Disqualifying themselves as well. Fast Eddie Howard Shot a Birthday Round anyone would be proud of putting up like 6 or 7 birdies and Phil Valenzuela was hot on his heals shooting in the 70's as well.  

Smashing on Everyone - Winning the Gross Award - Ed "Fast Eddie" Howard

Winning Longest Drive (Thanks to the Red Key) - Greg Valenzuela Sr. 

Winnig Closest to the Pin - Scott Miller

Most Mediocre Golfer - John Woscek

Biggest Meltdown Winner - Fred Valenzuela - Shooting a 121 - I can see how that happened!

Winning the Key to the Red Tee - Aaron Cross

Rounding out the Mediocre Field that could not even break under 90 like Toby, Second Place goes to Greg Valenzuela shooting a 91 and earning himself .91 cents. Tied for 3rd place Scott miller and Jonathan Reatiga both finished with a 92 each earning .71 cents.  5 place went to Victor Hernandez shooting a 93 and earning .60 cents.  James White Scored .53 cents for shooting a 94 landing him in 6th place.  keeping right in line in the 90's Ivan Hernandez shot a 95 landing him in 7th place and earning a cool .45 cents

Former Champions - Kenny Carlson and Michael Desio were squarely put back in their Mediocre place tieing for 8th place with a 98 (Really guys, barely breaking 100)!

Rounding out the Top 10 and the last person to shoot under 100, so the rest dont get a mention (HAHAHA)  Will Orr, shot a 99 (without the red key) to earn a top 10 finish and actually put some Money in his name, Way to go will for that effort, you got .23 Cents!

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