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Fire & Ice

F You, and you, and you....and welcome to the Spokane Chapter FU where Freedom is on full display with our boys in All American Red White and Blue. Eagles soared, diesel trucks roared, beers were chugged, friends were hugged and Capitalism held sway as we all arrived at Latah for the annual Fuckery of "golf" on their course. The morning started wet, but the clouds parted and the sun shone down on us as we went through a mediocre day on a long course. 

Finishing out on a baked 18 green that had seen the best of the sun, we retreated to the clubhouse to tally scores and find that Three is certainly Company with 3 boys tying for the lead score:

Andy Butler with 88 +7

Wyatt Smith with 90 +5

Matt Ittner with 84 +11

95's all around, our good friend Billy Zane said it best above, we were headed to a putt-off

Thing started off as expected, with Butler 3-putting the first pin and essentially taking himself out of the competition. People are saying it was his selflessness and generosity that lead to this act, this author can't comment. Hot like Fire Wyatt put on a quiet riot while Ice in his Veins Matt kept pressure looming behind every stroke. After numerous pin locations, Wyatt - out of fuckin nowhere - knocks his knees and misses the short one to give Matty Ice the W and the hardware for this years' FU Open. 


Thanks to everyone for making it out, looking forward to seeing you next month for the Bastards hosted by her Majesty the Queen at Meadowwood.



Event Results

1.Matthew Ittner95$1.35
2.Andy Butler95$0.83
2.Wyatt Smith95$0.83
4.Scott Kaulig96$0.68
5.Damon Netz102$0.60
6.Austin Smith103$0.53
7.Eric Everett105$0.41
7.Zachery Ray105$0.41
9.Andrew Araujo111$0.23
9.Blake Miller111$0.23
9.Lance Hart111$0.23
12.Andy Gardner114$0.08
13.Michael Brown116$0.06
13.Stephen Morgan116$0.06
15.Alan Steinolfson119$0.04
16.Karl Bowen129$0.02