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First Bronze Ticket Found!

RALEIGH-DURHAM, NC - It's hard to imagine your day could get any better after shooting a career-low round to win your first major on the MGA Tour. But that's exactly what happend to Bill Stoltz, when after winning The Bastards, he opened an unassuming white envelope to find the first of two Bronze Tickets that have been distributed across the MGA for 2021!

Thanks to the Bronze Ticket, Stoltz will enjoy a free 3-night, 2-round package at MGAWC21 (Nov 5 & 6, 2021) in sunny Las Vegas. According to his Chapter Leader, Stoltzs's' win has galvanized the entire chapter and they will be rolling 10 deep at this year's WC, looking to make a run at the Chapters Cup.

To the rest of you, keep your heads up, there's still one more out there. And to all the Chapter Leaders, you better go get a confetti cannon, because this video would have been total garbage without it.

El Presidente Jon "Lucky Kick" Morley

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Panel Of Experts (5)


Congrats puff puff pass

Doesn't this mean he has to buy a round for everyone in Vegas??


well at least one us doesn't have to stay up for 3 days waiting for the registration green light so we don't get wait listed.

It was an honor watching Bill choke on that confetti salad.