Chapter News

The Franchise and Joe O. Take the titles!

The Knoxville MGA played their 6th annual Rebel Beach AM AM at Dandridge Golf Course. 28 players came out for this event to fight for one of the most original trophies, that looks like all of us out there......the Two Headed Drinker/Putter!

Day didn't start off to well for Andy as he was driving to tee box #1, clubs and bag fell right off the cart! On the tee #1 Dave A. smoked his drive off the tee, right and I mean right into the wood to the RIGHT! He did end up to find it and punch it out and was able to save double on the hole. Couldn't say the same for Joe O. as he went way right as well and almost hit a house off the tee box. He settled for a nice triple to start the day!

Hole #4 Shelly was 10 yards from the hole in the sand, only took her 3 shots into the sand to then get out the sand and onto the least she didn't walk away with a 10 on the hole!

Don't what hole it was, but we at least got the proof.....for.....THE SHOT OF THE DAY! Bill H. was behind a tree and thought that his "flex shafts" could got around the tree.......He was WRONG......SNAP! At least the ball got away from the tree after the shot, so he had that going for him! The last group of the day, Shelly, Darrell, and Sean ended up getting lost from hole #2 to hole #3.....good thing there was a ranger there to drive them to the correct hole. And for thanks for pointing us in the right direction, Sean tops one hard to the left and almost drills the ranger!

Long Drive hole had Cody M. smoke a drive to get his name on the paper and possibly birdie to win the got even better for him when he puts his 2nd shot about 15ft from the cup, all his hopes and dreams for winning the jackpot came down to his putter.......which failed him! He ended up 3 putting for par!

The overall winner of the tournament was Mark L. shooting 85 just edging out Spencer O. but the winners of the Two Headed Trophy shooting a combine score of 180, (90 each) was Dave K. and Joe O. I am telling you it must have been the shirt that Joe O was wearing!

Event Results

1.Mark Love86$1.12
2.Spencer Orick87$0.74
3.Martin Niezgoda89$0.59
3.John Henley89$0.59
5.Dave Keener90$0.43
5.Joe Ontiveros90$0.43
5.Eric Beasley90$0.43
8.Daniel Vass91$0.28
8.Justin Paul91$0.28
10.Fred Tipton92$0.16
10.Sean Fay92$0.16
12.Cody Mckee93$0.06
13.Bill Hickman94$0.06
14.Max Raterman95$0.04
15.Jason Bowers96$0.03
16.Austin Putt97$0.02
17.Andy Hunter102$0.00
18.David Ashburn105$0.00
18.Blake Trent105$0.00
20.Shelly Henley115$0.00
21.Darrell Roberts123$0.00
22.Charles Norris127$0.00