Chapter News

Freedom! Unity! Redemption! Swelling!

With the world of slightly more professional golf experiencing unprecedented levels of anti-freedom and disunity, thankfully the MGA was here to answer the call and once again help hold the golf world together. Just in time to rescue our fellow "professionals" from themselves, the heroes of the MGA showed up this past weekend to battle it out in the Freedom and Unity Open. Leave it to us medios to put our egos and our greed aside and tee it up for the pure F.U. of it.

It was a day of extremes. Extreme heat, extreme scores, extreme bee sting swelling, extreme patriotism, extreme post-round food, and extremely long rounds of golf. And most importantly - extreme redemption. After his narrow one stroke loss in the MGA Championship, Joe Mancinelli bounced back and flipped the script to take the F.U. Open trophy, this time winning by one stroke under the blazing SoCal sun. Joe didn’t stick around long enough to claim his check and trophy however, which we find to be most un-freedom-and-unity-esque. But with the round clocking in at over 6 hours, we’ll let it slide. 

And not to sell the award winners short, but the next most notable performance on the day after Joe’s redemption win was undoubtedly from Mr. Quan Ha. An ill-timed and very ill-placed bee sting on his hand the day before the tournament not only didn’t stop him from playing golf, it barely slowed him down at all. Quan shot a gross 90, earning him a 5th place finish (and taking him to 15th on the world money list), from the BACK TEES as our previous tourney’s champion, all with a left hand swelled to twice its normal size thanks to a motherf***ing bee! And while this is admirable, it is also nothing less than painfully embarrassing to those of us he beat, literally, one handed. Ouch all around.

Other main storylines of the day included: 

- The return of the legendary BIZ to South OC play! Welcome back! 

- A surprising number of birdies were made out there at Westridge - a tight course with sloping fairways and frankly too much O.B. for this group (or for my taste anyway)

- Insane post round food situations; outdoor Korean BBQ grill tables? Kimchi? A welcome addition

It was a truly Free and Unified Open, as expected. Due to the vagaries of scheduling a bunch of medios that, for some reason, have priorities OTHER than golf (wives, kids, non-medio friends, non-MGA related summer plans, and other questionable uses of time), we’re already less than two weeks out from our next tourney. The red, white, and blue of Old Glory gives way to the . . . wait a sec . . .  the also red, white, and blue of the Union Jack? Way to be original, Brits. See you at the Bratish Open! Register now! 

Event Results

1.Joseph Mancinelli87$1.27
2.Brian Owens88$0.77
2.Greg Piper88$0.77
4.Cengiz Tekin90$0.63
5.Quan Ha91$0.56
6.Patrick O'Malley92$0.49
7.Scott Bruce94$0.42
8.Nick Beard98$0.35
9.Ryan Williams100$0.28
10.Chris Jacobson101$0.21
11.David Duran107$0.14
12.Nick Dempsey108$0.07
13.Eric Tucker111$0.06
14.Biz Rudolph122$0.05
15.Drew Cox123$0.04
16.Steve RoseneDNF$0.00