Chapter News

F.U. Open is Done!!!

Okay, so the Pinellas County, F.U. Open is now one for the history books!


Repeat Champion, Mike Robin, easily took the honors with an 89, 5 strokes better than the second-place finisher, Joe Carideo (94). Congratulations again to Mike.

After a 2 event absence, Larry Hurst came back with a respectable 97, with Steve Persang close behind with a 100.

We’ve been having several ties as of late and the F.U. was no different. Larry Campoli and Rip Potter tied for 5th place with a 103. The next three golfers, Joe Bongo, John Poff and Barry Rose, all tied for 7th place coming in at 105.

Jack Cashon (108) and John Swiger (110) came in 10 and 11 respectively and they were followed by another tie! Tim Riley and Craig Schroeder coasted into 12th place with a 112.

Right behind those guys was Stan Kohut with a 115 and Joe Barci who made a big play for the Red Key with a 124!

But not to be denied the much coveted Red Key, Wayne (Honest Abe) Persang took bottom honors with his 125.

The real winner on the day was the Pinellas County Chapter as a whole. Resplendent in their Red, White and Blue ensembles, the group certainly showed their Freedom and Unity Spirit.  

Champion Mike Robin’s impressive string of wins has him sitting in the #1 position, a full $0.01 ahead of Matt Ittner, on the Global Money List.

Next it’s on to the Bratish Open on July 21st. It’s our tribute to Old Tom Morris so it will be time to dust off the knickers and argyles for a fun day.


Event Results

1.Mike Robin89$1.35
2.Joe Carideo94$0.90
3.Lawrence Hurst97$0.75
4.Steve Persang100$0.68
5.Larry Campoli103$0.56
5.richard potter103$0.56
7.joe bongo105$0.38
7.John Poff105$0.38
7.Barry Rose105$0.38
10.Jack Cashon108$0.23
11.John Swiger110$0.15
12.Tim Riley112$0.07
12.Craig Schroeder112$0.07
14.Stanley Kohut115$0.05
15.Joe Barci 124$0.04
16.Wayne R. Persang125$0.02