Chapter News

FU Rain this is Florida, we shoot at hurricanes to stop them

Rain don't scare us!  Ok, slow steady rain doesn't scare us, when they start adding a name to it followed by a 3 or higher then we get a little antsy.   Fortunately the rain we woke up to didn't persist and the course wasn't a huge mudhole.  The wet conditions didn't slow down game play and another "first" was achieved as two players attacked the pins hard and DQ'd!   Good shooting Ariel & Bret!

We once again welcomed some brand new members and a couple of guests as we reach the halfway point in the season.   The FU (Freedom & Unity) trophy got a fresh new look for 2020 and the competition proved to be fierce.  First place usually gets all the attention but can we talk about 2nd for a minute?   A four way tie just barely under 90 for 2nd?  Great work Carl, John, Stuart, and Freddy.   

Freddy, I'm starting to notice a pattern with you.   Three events in a row, three different player that have played with you have "earned" the key to red tees.   To date, none of them have cashed that in either....  What are you doing in those foursomes and what is your endgame sir?    If any of you red key winners are being coerced by the tall man, blink twice then burp (or hiccup, whichever).

Newcomer playing her very first round with us, Winonah Gouda walked away with a nice squishy therapuetic stress ball as the Biggest Meltdown award winner!    

Longest drive belongs to Chuck Markillie!   I swear I remember that whole being longer.  Closest to the Pin was one of the DQ brothers, Ariel Rodriguez who also took the gross award along with his DQ.   Special note, Ariel went on to steal a win from our daughter chapter that their MGA championship event at Southern Hills Plantation course.   Have fun from tips at Innisbrook amigo :)

Bill Cusick took the golden M with his spectacularly Mediocre performance.  It was so mediocre we won't even discuss it anymore.

Dan Verchot is your red key winner.  Freddy, what are you doing to these guys?

Thank you to everyone who came out and had fun on the bay with us!   Please join in the fun at the next event July 11th at Innisbrook as we play the Bratish Open and we take on our rival Spring Hill for the third annual Clash of the Kilts!   This event has become a tour favorite as the adventurous ones break out their kilts for this Tampa tradition and play heads up vs Spring Hill for the chapter trophy in some side aciton stroke play.   If you don't have a kilt or just don't feel like wearing one, no worries we'll accept you for you no matter what.   Meanwhile I'll be seeing unicorns and angels as that breeze comes up under my pleats and I reach that 7th level of nirvana and realize why women are smarter.