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Funny Interview With Golfer Who Shot 228

ADELAIDE, AUS - Rarely do you get the opportunity to point and laugh at someone while you're on your way to a 120+ round. But that's exactly what happened last month in Adelaide when the top three finishers went 126, 130, 132 and were still able to feel good about their scores thanks to poor Jason Rigg and his Mediocre Golf Association record score of 228.

Intrigued, we had to ask Jason a few questions about this legendary round.


MGA: Jason, what was the defining moment of that round? When did you know you were on your way to 200+?
Jason: The most defining moment is probably when things started to turn around, in every single front 9 hole I finished last out of the 4 competitors of the day. But on the 10th hole I finally worked into a more mediocre ranking in the middle of the pack when I achieved the only hole where I didn't finish last, when I finished above, ironcally the tournament winner in Brad. I probably knew I was going to reach 200 after the 16th hole when I hit a 21. This did put me up to a 212 so I guess it was just hopeful thinking before this stage that I could finish below 200.
MGA: Had you every played a round where you had to count every penalty and finish every putt? Did it make the 228 easier to take knowing that you came about it honestly?
Jason: In the past I wasn't responsible for the scoring. So the 2nd part of the question probably isn't applicable.
MGA: Which club did you use the most that day and why?
Jason: Probably the 3 wood (That is the smaller of the woods right?). I got a few ok shots early on so I kept it up. Didn't really work effectively though as the day went on.
MGA: How many balls did you lose? An estimate will be fine here if you lost track.
Jason: Suprisingly very little, just the 3. The first was on either the 4th or 5th hole as my tee off sprayed right and went into the water.......Which was before the womens tee. 
MGA: I see that you got a 21 on one of the shortest par 4's on the course, so clearly distance wasn't the issue. What happened there?
Jason: The other 2 were on this hole where I got the 21. So there was 19 shots plus 2 penalties. The problem on this hole is I sprayed it into the rough and it took a while to get out of there, I was using everyone elses advice to help throughout the day, but the other 3 competitors on the day sprayed their drives right while I hooked mine left, so I was on my own otherwise I'd just distract the others from their game, then it took 3 shots to clear the river, 1st went about a foot, the next 2 went into the water.


MGA: Is there any pro golfer you try to emulate when you're out on course?
Jason: Probably Happy Gilmore. As the tournament went I just started to follow his advice and it allowed me to comeback a little. In the front 9 I scored a 119, my weakness was easily my putting at this stage. Was hitting it too hard, so I implemented the "Just tap it in" tactic and it helped a little on the putting front.

MGA: What is your number one goal for your next round of golf?

Jason: Get within 100 shots of the tournament winner.
MGA: Any advice for medios who might be struggling to find their game?
Jason: If you can't get any nice drives, have a run up start. My best drive for the day was with a run-up.

We thank Jason for this interview and have yet to hear back from Bryan Germone, who held the previous high score record at 186. And remember his advice if any of you medios are struggling out there. Just taaaaap it in.