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Giosso Wins A Tiny Trophy And Two More Penalty Strokes

After a challenging 2017 season spent mired in the mid to high 90s, Giosso went low to start the season off with a victory. His astounding 83 was good enough for the Gross Award and also dragged the otherwise useless Mike Plemons and himself to a 10 shot victory over team Gotz/Lacayo.

OAKLAND, CA - There was a time when Lake Chabot Golf Course was a fixture on the SFMGA calendar. It was a simpler time. One of youth, poverty and dreams of better golf to come. But somewhere between when the course let all of its grass die and the creation of the Oakland chapter, SF stopped making the trek deep into the east bay hill country. 

When an attempt was made to return this March, relentless rain soaked the course to an unplayable degree and the Am Am had to be pushed back a week. Thankfully, the wet conditions also prohibited the planned aerification of the greens and as a result, the SFMGA got to play Chabot in the best shape it's ever been in.

Chabot is a terrifying place to start a season, with OB left AND right off the first tee. Incredibly, very few medios lost balls on their first shot. Their second shot however... well, you know.

The team competition featured some new names fighting for the win, with Team Gocayo finishing a distant second to team Plemosso. Team Marstie took third, one shot back of Gocayo. Surprisingly absent from the conversation this year were multi-time champions Team Moroit and Team Brohng.

There were a few newbs making their MGA Tour debut and they seemed determined to make an immediate impact.

Andrew Murray was also making his debut and made sure he was all over the radar both before and after the round.

Speaking of The Key To The Red Tee... Anyone who follows the SFMGA is surely wondering "what about Matt Wilson"? Great question.

The Meltdown Award was a blowout. One very special medio melted down 15 strokes...


Kevin Williams - Carded his best tournament score ever (95) on the way to his best ever finish in 9th.

Justin Davidson - His solo 3rd is just his fourth top-3 in 48 MGA starts.



Bobby G +2 (From 0 to 2)

Eddie Lacayo +1 (0 to 1)

Jacy Jackson +1 (8 to 9) (ouch) (and) (go join the tour asshole)

Rob Kristie -1 (2 to 1)

Todd Benoit -1 (5 to 4)

Event Results

1.Bob G83$1.12
2.Eddie Lacayo88$0.74
3.Justin Davidson90$0.62
4.Jacy Jackson92$0.56
5.David Armstrong93$0.47
5.Vince Alvarez93$0.47
7.Jon Morley94$0.34
7.Rob Kristie94$0.34
9.Kevin Williams95$0.25
10.Jesse Marty96$0.16
10.Mike Plemons96$0.16
12.Todd Benoit-Benoit 97$0.06
13.John Sullivan100$0.06
14.David Gotz101$0.04
15.Chad Nessi103$0.03
16.Rob Nguyen106$0.02
17.Martin Brohm107$0.00
18.scott sanders108$0.00
19.Steve Ravano109$0.00
19.Rob Brockett109$0.00
21.Chris J├Ânsson110$0.00
22.Kevin Dalias115$0.00 vak117$0.00
24.John Lin120$0.00
24.Matthew Wilson120$0.00
26.Andrew Murray125$0.00

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What happened to the Scott Sanders I knew. Must of been a sharply dressed imposter playing for him that day

was Rob Nguyen playing left handed or with only 3 clubs ?