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Great Year 805!

Hi There Medios!!!

Just wanted to send you all a quick note and to thank each and everyone of
you for choosing to join and play this year.  I believe everyone had a great
time at the events.  This year was our largest membership.  I would like it
to grow some more.  We are in current talks about locations for the events
next year.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
We are also planning of "off" season events including one with several
chapters in Southern California.  Stay tuned.
This year we had 7 medios attending the World Championship.  WE had a great
time and didn't play that bad.  It was colder than previous years.  As a
chapter, we finished tied for 10th, but with a problem.  Bob Bedard didn't
get to count his score because his group didn't turn in two scorecards.  He
would have finished 10th overall and the chapter would have finished 6th!!!!
A special thanks to Dan Butz for his hard work this year.  I couldn't have
done it without him.  Thanks Champ19.
Stay in touch and keep hitting them straight!!!  WE will talk soon.


Thanks again

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Awesome year! Thanks Mikey for founding this chapter in 2016. Thanks to all the boys that joined this year and last. 2023 is gonna be great!