Chapter News

Greg Valenzuela makes it rain at the Last Gasp!

Greg Valenzuela made it into the history books by placing himself in first place on the world money list.

In a typical change of events a sandbagger* took first place but hey, he still got the check and 1st place in our chapter!


*Reno's Money winner with an 80 streak took first in the World $ List beating Greg by 10 cents!


Greg Valenzuela won multiple awards as he swept the Chapter Money list, had a brief stint on top of the world, tied for gross award with Edward Howard, taking home the check and a pretty rad trophy. It closed out another great season for the Orange County MGA. In other award related news, Red Key went to Rik Patel with a 118, while another embarrasing round went to Toby Olsen who blew up on the back 9 shooting a 41 on the front and 55 on the back! Longest drive went to John Woscek (Pronnounced Whoa-Check) while Closest to the Pin was won by Jonathan Reatiga. Finally Most Mediocre went to Ivan Hernandez, never top 5, or in last place, he is accuately the proper winner for this award. Thanks for a great season everyone! I hope Jimmy does a better job at being witty and writing articles because he's doing this shit next year. I'm pretty sure nobody reads these things anyways. I QUIT...Until the MGAWC. Then I quit. Until April.