Chapter News

Hack Like a Medio, D-Bag Like AB

Tim Minamyer Wins the Douchebag Invitational at his old stomping grounds, and one of the oldest courses in the IE.... Crusty Dirty, I mean... Cresta Verde 

Mike Diaz takes the Tournament Name literally and quits on the front 9

And In case this is the only Media you read, News Flash... Antonio Brown is a Douchebag 

CORONA, CA- 1st off.... Cresta Verde is no Journey at Pechanga... but no one ever thought of comparing the two until I put them back to back on our schedule. Now Cresta Verde is far from the worst course in the IE, but condition wise, especially the greens, its gotta come in below average... but still totally playable. Which for those of you that know me by now know, that's fine by me. If the course is interesting, and better yet, the staff is actually excited that we're there, that goes a long way to bringing us back. So while there were no Mango Scented Ice Towels like at Indian Wells, they did dip some old rags in a pig trough to cool us down which was super nice.   

Richard Dunham (an A's fan) donned Angel gear to fulfill his lost bet from the FU Open when Tim beat him by 20 strokes while using a child's putter. If you haven't read that article, it's worth a few minutes of your time.... anyways... The Karma of paying his debts must've rubbed off because Ricky Dick posted his best IEMGA tournamnet score ever! Unfortunately he missed out on the money by one spot but it still easily garnered the biggest applause of the day during our post round ceremonies.

Tim on the other hand, instead of just blowing the field like he normally does, blew the field away with a seven shot victory. Ya Tommy Gun beat him by one stroke gross to win yet another LG (which he promptly left at the clubhouse because his storage space for them is already overflowing) and CL Freddy Fox from LAMGA  guested and DQ'd like a DBAG... but none of that could stop this DBag from claiming his Visor Crown. 

One of the biggest suprises of the day belonged to Rockin Ryan Kelly, who sitting in 2nd on the CML, took a 16 on the first hole and ended up with the Red Key!!! So going into the Last Gasp it's a three man (well two men and a boy) race for the CML, with Ryan holding the RK... crazy crazy crazy...

One of our Rookie Medios who hasn't got much press is Mike Archer, who has been making some ripples in the pond as he claimed his 2nd, 2nd place finish of the season, and took home a prize for having the least amount of "Yanks, Shanks, Tops, Duffs, & Misses" of the day. Looks like his game is well fitted for Vegas and we'll need all the help we can get to compete with some of the bigger chapters for that Chapters Cup!  

Event Results

1.Tim Minamyer82$1.35
2.Mike Archer89$0.83
2.Tommy Cochran89$0.83
4.John Dapsis 91$0.60
4.Shane Wells91$0.60
4.Eric Matteson91$0.60
7.Josh Olson93$0.45
8.Brian Lopez95$0.34
8.Jason Moyer95$0.34
10.Neil Ashworth98$0.23
11.Christopher Garcia99$0.15
12.Brian Carson100$0.07
12.Gilbert Tiedt100$0.07
14.Layne Dougherty101$0.04
14.Alex Rainey101$0.04
14.Jeff Olson101$0.04
17.Richard Dunham104$0.00
18.Chris Kerpan 105$0.00
19.Lawrence Kelly107$0.00
20.Rockin Ryan 111$0.00
21.Rick Diaz DNF$0.00