Chapter News

Hit the Rhodes Mac, and don’t you come back no more.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – ABQMGA is all about marity (that is mediocre parity) this year. In 4 tourneys this year we have seen 3 first time winners and no repeat winners, yet? The latest to the first timers club is James Rhodes (roads). In his 3 years on tour James has posted one 2nd place finish and a lot of 5th, 6th and other finishes. But not this time. This was his day.

The 2017 FU had ABQ’s first shotgun start. As you can imagine it is so fucking difficult to herd these cats that adding a new wrinkle to the mix made things a bigger shit show than usual. But EVENTUALLY people figured it out. Once they did we can only assume things went without a hitch.

This tourney did not have a playoff or math problems, as it was a two man race. Sean McAfee sat at the 18th hole beaming with pride as his 87 took the early club house lead. His score was even more amazing when everyone found out that the new guy (we will remember his name after 3 tourneys) proceeded to almost drink himself out of the tourney with a 126 and dominate clinching of the red key for the Bratish.

As every group came in and EVENTUALLY added up the cards and match the scores that 87 was looking good enough. But nobody was expecting an 86 from James. See James had quit golf 2 times in the last 3 weeks. Also James had more triple digit scores than double digit scores over the last 3 years. But Sean took the loss like the seasoned vet he is (please see pictures of Sean taking it well).

All in all the FU was a success. James will play from the Blues with no penalty strokes, Sean will play from the Whites with 2 penalty strokes and everyone will try and win a set of Juggs.