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HobartMGA - Dale "Mr 80" Potter wins FU Open

Play the PGA and a 59 is basically the best round you can have. Play the MGA and that’s probably 80 (yeah you can go lower but no big cheque). That first guy do it in the PGA’s now “Mr 59, and now Dale Potter’s been crowned “Mr 80” – he’s not the first to shoot 80, but christ he gets a lot of them.

Claremont, TAS, AU – Dale Potter loomed large over Hobart MGA in its early years. 7 or 8 penalty shots back then, but the best of the rest was a few off that and Potter took full advantage with first 9 events bringing 5 wins, 2 seconds, 1 DQ and a lowly 4th placing. After that though, the chapter started to recruit well and the even some of the originals started lifting their game. Potter, now becoming legit good with 10 penalty shots, was left coming in with either a 90+ or DQ. His only hope of ever winning again was hitting an 80 and hope the rest of the field had a bad day. Mr 80 held up his end of the bargain – normally with a mar on the last. At the 2018 FU Open, the rest of the field held up theirs.

Numbers at the FU Open were down a little after it was rescheduled due to weather. Potter made sure of his bit by hitting his seventh career 80 (and 26th Gross Award), for 88 total after dropping a couple of penalty shots recently. That proved just enough as Andrew McConnon, off the blues from winning the FORE!, came in on 90 and Luke Mathyssen on 92, sniffing around for a debut win.

Deciding his hands weren’t quite full enough, Potter stuck one in the middle of the green to win the NTP paper clip. Plenty enough to win it here. James Teirney got it pure on the down hill 9th to win his second long drive award. After a shaky start Teirney used the long drive to finish the front 9 with back-to-back mirdies. The shaky start then started to look like a good start as Teirney re-fell apart of the back 9 for a 54 and 8 shot meltdown, secured with a 5-chip 10 on one hole.

2017 Chapter Money List champ Rob Braithwaite will remain as that – 2017’s champ. There were a few Most Mediocre nominations, and they were all Braithwaite. Hitting to the wrong green on the 18th, going tin cup for 3 balls in the drink off the tee on another hole, hitting off the beach – lots.


Bruce Johnson got his hands back on his beloved Red Key with a chanceless 115. Although his love for the Red Key is known, it’s still not clear if he used the extra motivation of getting off the forward tees for Tasmania GC next month for the Bratish.


Chapter-prizes for handicap scores saw Ben March relatively-light it up in his first game for the year, two large meagle putts securing him tourney waiver to next tourney, Andrew McConnon next then Paul Johnson in some form with his third prize in this lot for the year.


Penalty shot movement saw McConnon somehow shed one, going back to +4, and Potter picking one right back and back out to +9 and probably being years before he wins another tourney here.

Event Results

1.Dale Potter88$0.93
2.Andrew McConnon90$0.62
3.Luke Mathyssen92$0.52
4.Dean Lowe93$0.46
5.Ben March97$0.41
6.Paul Johnson98$0.36
7.Rob Braithwaite100$0.31
8.David Burdon105$0.26
9.Troy Smith106$0.21
10.James Teirney107$0.15
11.Bruce Johnson115$0.10