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HobartMGA - Lowe wins DBI and drops penalties? Douche.

After talking up his “back from the wilderness” win at The MGA, Dean Lowe’s come out and gone back to back to win the Douche Bag Invitational from the back tees. Not only did it wreck our run of single-tourney winners in 2018, Lowe also somehow dropped 2 penalty shots. Douche.

These guys "get it"

Campania, TAS, AU – Dean Lowe has won Douche Bag Invitational in a non-playoff over Andrew McConnon. Lowe (3 penalty shots) and McConnon (7 penalty shots) came in with 90s in the battle for the reverse visor, never got past the first tie breaker though – that you actually stick around for a playoff – and Lowe was crowned champion.

The win has set up a Chapter Money List battle between Lowe and Dale Potter at the Last Gasp. Lowe will go into the event just $0.190,000 behind Potter. There’s always a few perms and coms about who can finish where and still get the CML, but just make it easy and whoever wins Last Gasp will win the CML – that happens every year anyway.

McConnon’s second placing continued his hot form where he hasn’t missed the podium (including a DQ) in his last 9 starts. He may have made it 4 wins out of last 7 starts here, but an impatient missus waiting in the car park meant he barely shook hands with his group before making an apologetic dash to the car. He did take out (but, due to absence from ceremony, not take home) the Long Drive award from the 18th hole. Though it’s a popular award with McConnon, it was likely more the trying to finish the hole ASAP by whacking it long.

Dale Potter (7 penalty) had a 91 for third place. He complained of two balls lost from drives down the middle of the fairway. Crows may have been out, maybe he was getting too big a head and walking up further to look than they actually were, but hey too bad. We can’t have the CML sealed before the Last Gasp, that’d be no fun. Potter did win Nearest the Pin though. An effort that just held on to back of the green. No meagle though – and none on the day from anyone!

Rob Braithwaite (1 penalty) was one of the last realistic hopes we had of maintaining individual winners on the tour in 2018. He couldn’t get it done though, and had 93 and fourth spot. James Teirney (4 penalty) was a chance early before slipping late to finish 95 and fifth.

Troy “Hobbsy” Smith (4 penalty) had 97 for sixth spot. With Whitey setting up his profile, Hobbbsy has been burdened in his debut year with 4 penalty shots he probably didn’t quite need. Starting to see some success though, with down to 2 shots now after this tourney! They did peg him to middle of the field though for Most Mediocre award. Ben March was the first zero-penalties player to rank with his 99 for seventh.


Leon Lockwood appreciated the course selection. Being a little north of Hobart, it meant a shorter drive back from Launceston after his night shift – even managed a half our kip in the car park before at the course before the rest of us turned up! Freshened him right up for an even 100 in eighth spot. Luke Mathyssen (3 penalty) was the other one we thought might challenge for the first time win this season. All he challenged for though – and won ­– was the meltdown though, and came home with +9 for 102 overall and ninth spot. Lost all his penalties though – will be very dangerous player without any extra shots!

The biggest talk pre-awards now is who’s going home with the red key – and forward at the next event. More in with a show for that than the big cheque, I suppose. Chris White was talking a big game for his 104, but he brought it back too well on the back after his horrid first nine. He lost out to Mark Derham’s 105 for 11th and last spot.

No belters of a round today, as it showed in the chapter handicapped awards. The best handicapped score was a 72 on the par 70 course, and not one medio brought their handicap in. With the tie breakers of higher handicaps go first and you can’t win more after the big cheque, March, McConnon and Lockwood took the tourney fee waiver, sleeve of balls and six pack on offer. The three handicap movements were all out and all meant lost penalty shots. Smith going from 4 to 2 (deserved), Mathyssen from 3 to 0 (will be dangerous), and Lowe in from 3 to 1 after a tournament win! Douche.

Event Results

1.Dean Lowe90$0.93
2.Andrew McConnon90$0.62
3.Dale Potter91$0.52
4.Rob Braithwaite93$0.46
5.James Teirney95$0.41
6.Troy Smith97$0.36
7.Ben March99$0.31
8.leon lockwood100$0.26
9.Luke Mathyssen102$0.21
10.Terry Crews104$0.15
11.Mark Derham105$0.10