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HobartMGA - Teirney wins Bratish Open in playoff!

Dale Potter and James Teirney headed back down the 18th at Tasmania GC to decide the fate of the 2018 Bratish Open. Potter – with 9 penalty shots compared to Teirney’s 7 – had the honour, and was playing from the back tees after last month’s FU Open victory. We could run you through the playoff shot-by-shot, but look here and watch it for yourself…

Cambridge, TAS, AU – If you’ve just kept scrolling, then here it is… James Teirney won every WAG’s favourite trophy – the Claret Juggs. It gives Teirney 10 tour wins – though only second major – to move one behind Ben Hardaker on the chapter career wins list. Tasmania GC is the toughest course we’ll play, and despite the perfect weather for our mid-winter tournament (thank you climate change), scores were still up on our highest scoring course on tour. Teirney and Potter set off for the playoff after coming in on penalty-shot corrected 94s – our highest scoring big cheque-winning score since 2015. Teirney held it together with only mirdies, mars and mogeys before pulling it out where it was needed and the play-off winning meagle. Sorry, some dude, doesn’t count as a quarter for you though.

The second placing for Dale Potter though was enough to boost his buffer atop the Chapter Money List with three events remaining. Nothing settled by any means though, with him still likely got another DQ in him before the season’s out.

Stewart Coombes came out of his in-season hibernation for his favourite course, and venue of his FU Open win last year. He wasn’t too far off it here either, with his 95 settling for third spot.

Rob Braithwaite was in a good mood early, discussing his pending nuptials, and it was showing in his game. Discussion soon turned to the cost though, and his game turned with it, but 97 was good enough today for fourth spot. And pulled one out for Long Drive.


Fifth spot and we’ve already cracked the ton, where Paul Johnson and Troy Smith tied on 105. “Hobbsy” Smith still burdened from Chris White entering his personal scores to kick off the membership and lumping him with 4 penalty shots. Don’t worry Hobbsy, it should only take you a whole season to clear them.

Bruce Johnson too full advantage of his Key to the Red (Green) Tee, and hit 106 for seventh spot. His season yo-yo’ing Red Key-Seventh-Red Key-Seventh…. guess we should have just handed out next month’s one here.

The Bens, Hardaker and March, tied in for 115 at eighth. Hardaker refused to accept his score and demanded a recount, before mentally running through the game himself and conceding after about three mental-holes worth. He then proceeded to blame his hangover, whereas your scribe will attribute blame to the choice of a cart and not walking off said-hangover. March was more accepting of his score, though the pain softened by the squishy ball awarded for his +9 Meltdown award. Somehow with his 62 back nine, March did manage to have a good hole and sneak one close for the NTP.


Leon Lockwood came into the round on zero sleep. He says it was working, but the word is it was the fear of the front bunker on the 12th that kept him awake. So it came to be, with a third year and third go at hacking his way out of it. Only four attempts this time – while the Johnson twins were rolling around laughing – so at least he’s improving there. Lockwood had 121 for 10th spot.

Alex White rolled in and had a… round. 11th spot with 131. Still coming to grips with having to play your own ball the entire round, and not choosing the best shot of you and three mates. White determined his front nine 64 was the result of not enough clubs in the bag, so at the turn he was into the pro shop for a new driver. He came home with a 67. A questionable investment became even more so, when it was pointed out by his playing partner it was a Ladies’ club. We had to award him the Most Mediocre for that effort.

Not ‘last’, but ‘winning the Red Key’ was David Burdon with his 140. It was always going to be a tough day when you start 13-7-11. At least they were serving beer after the round.

Out of all those, came Andrew McConnon with a PB 78 and first ever DQ. Was always happening after he malbatrossed the first hole. McConnon has recently made Tasmania GC his home course, and we learned on the day his course handicap was 8, when MGA-wise was only carrying four penalty shots off 13.5 handicap. Sandbagger. With the Juggs the only trophy on the schedule eluding McConnon, the thought of pulling on a late round handbrake did cross his mind, but he went about it the right way. Still a sandbagger.

No Juggs, but some extremely minor/not at all consolation to McConnon was his round was easily enough to win the chapter handicap awards and tourney fee waiver into The MGA next month (apparently the beer was the wrong flavour, smh…). Bruce Johnson used the forward for the beer, and Coombes did enough for a sleeve of balls.

Few penalty shot movements, with champ Teirney and r/up Potter both shedding 2 shots(!) to go to 5 and 7 penalties, respectively. McConnon picked those up to go from 4 to a heavy 7. Coombes into the perfect MGA handicap of 17.5.

See you all at the last major - The MGA Championship, Sunday 12 August.

Event Results

1.James Teirney94$1.02
2.Dale Potter94$0.68
3.Stewart Coombes95$0.57
4.Rob Braithwaite97$0.51
5.Paul Johnson105$0.43
5.Troy Smith105$0.43
7.Bruce Johnson106$0.34
8.Ben March115$0.26
8.Ben Hardaker115$0.26
10.leon lockwood121$0.17
11.Alex White131$0.11
12.David Burdon140$0.06
17.Andrew McConnonDQ$0.00