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Hog Takes Home His Third Trucker Hat!

This Write-Up Brought to You By: Morse & Halbach, MGABoston Chapter Reporters

The 2021 Bastards marked the first time the MGA Boston chapter would visit the Merrimack Valley Country Club and be the first leg of back to back tournament being played in Methuen, MA or more affectionately known by the locals as Mingya Valley.

Merrimack Valley provided Medios with lush fairways and wildlife to gaze at….


The abundance of dead carcasses spread throughout the course was probably not a good omen for the return of MGA Boston legend Bobby ‘Sprouts’ who has been battling injuries over the last couple of years.

Unfortunately, Bobby was unable to fight off his nagging injuries and was only able to complete 7 holes before having to WD.


The less than ideal course conditions did not seem to phase the Medios as 14 of the 20 competitors were able to come in under 100. At the turn, Liam’s 41 was the low score through 9 but he decided to show off and put up a 36 on the back to DQ to eliminate him from taking home the coveted trucker hat.

With Liam showcasing his talents for the Korn Ferry Tour, that left 3 Medios fighting for the coveted trucker hat. Justin Limoli, who might hold the current title of “Best in Boston without a win”, Halbach, who already owns 3 trucker hats, and Southgate (Wild Hog) looking to add a third to his hat rack and pull into a tie with Halbach for most Bastards titles in Boston.

Hog was first to finish his round with an impressive 81, net 86 after his 5 penalty strokes, and was forced to play the waiting game as the rest of the groups strolled in. Limoli with a meagle on 17 meant he would need a double meagle on 18 (par 5) to tie Hog and force a playoff. And you won’t believe what happened next….he scored a 7 and finished 3 shots back for a third place finish. Limoli can take some positivity away from the day as his 89 tied his career best MGA score and it was his first career top-3.

With Limoli out, the focus turned to Halbach who needed to mirdie the 18th to finish tied with Hog and force a playoff. With side bets being made left and right none of the spectators noticed Halbachs shot that made the back side of the green (the worst possible spot to be on 18...fuck you Donad Ross). Was Halbach putting for 3? 4? Was he even in contention at this point? Left speculating, the gallery assumed that he was putting for meagle but there was an outside chance he hammered his drive and approach and could be putting for double meagle. While this was unfolding Hog stated that if him and Halbach were to finish in a tie that he would concede and forego a playoff. Fortunate for Hog, Halbach 4 putted (or was it a putt off the green, chip, and 2 putt?) and finished with a 7 to leaving him 2 shots back.


Back to back 2nd place finishes for Halbach has him searching for answers.



Other Notes/Stats:

  • Southgate also took home the CTP on the front and LD on the back. He has now won 5 of the 8 contests to start the season
  • Padriac won the LD on the front
  • Halbach takes the CTP on the back
  • Cronin’s 7 additional strokes on the back was good enough to win the Meltdown squishy ball
  • Moriarty back from injury won the right to play from the red tees at the MGA
  • Even though Southgate shot an 81 he somehow went from 5 penalty strokes down to 3. This could setup a back to back win for him considering the Blue Tees at Hickory are only approx. 300 yards longer than the Whites.
  • Holes 2 and 14 were the hardest holes on the course
  • The par 3 ninth was the easiest hole for the group

Event Results

1.Andrew Southgate86$1.26
2.Michael Halbach88$0.84
3.Justin Limoli89$0.70
4.Daniel Morse90$0.63
5.Vin Ferraro91$0.53
5.Robb Muckle91$0.53
7.Mike Berk95$0.42
8.Jake Stowell96$0.35
9.George Hunt97$0.28
10.Glenn Lemieux98$0.14
10.Christos Christopoulos 98$0.14
10.William T. Gergits98$0.14
13.Andrew Gordon99$0.06
14.Bill Cronin105$0.05
15.Benjamin Friend107$0.04
16.Matt McDonough108$0.02
17.Padraic Lacey116$0.00
18.Mark Moriarty123$0.00
20.Liam SuppleDQ$0.00
20.Bobby SproutsDNF$0.00