Chapter News


15 people signed up. 15 people showed up. For the first time in 2018, everyone who claimed they would show up and play actually did.

In proof that it's the little things that make life sweet, Fort Myers' chapter leader was thrilled to see that 100% of the people who said they would play actually showed up. Each of the first two tournaments had a no-show. Not this time, suckers. Every fucking shitty golfer showed up today. All of them. Seriously, this is better than the day Crystal Pepsi was re-released.

It was a long road to this point. And it almost didn't happen, as Red Key Holder Emeritus Curtis Horton showed up late, and rolled up to the tee box just in the nick of time. But all's well that ends well.

Also, we played the FORE Championship. Kevin won. He wins a lot, so it's not nearly as big news as a day without absentees.

Event Results

1.Kevin Aguirre92$1.60
2.Chris Dohrn95$1.07
3.David Hoke97$0.89
4.Vincent Abbatiello98$0.76
4.doug leitch98$0.76
6.Joseph Laukaitis101$0.62
7.Stephen Seagly102$0.53
8.Sean Hart103$0.45
9.Timothy Gunn104$0.27
9.Gary Cousineau104$0.27
9.Victor Benintende104$0.27
12.Andrew Starnes110$0.09
13.Chris Cochran122$0.08
14.Felix Lepa138$0.06
15.Curtis Horton145$0.04