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How To Follow The MGA World Championship

THE INTERNET, CA - The greatest week of the year is upon us. Medios around the world are squirming restlessly behind the McDonalds counter, anxiously awaiting their final shift, when they can finally take off the apron and board a Greyhound bus to Vegas. Sadly, not everyone has such a cush job that will allow them to take a luxury trip such as this, so we put this guide together to help the heartbroken medios at home follow along with the action.


This will likely see the most action because it can easily be updated even when the user is dangerously inebriated. The MGA will post updates on our account. We also created a new account that will be run by the reigning World Champ each year. Current champ Nick Hinton has put up a good collection of behind the scene shots to get the ball rolling.

To see photos that the attendees are posting, check the hashtag #MGAWC17. (you might also want to check #MGAWC2107 since medios are notoriously bad at getting numbers right)



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We created this site specifically for the WC to help keep attendees up to speed. As it turns out, it's a lot easier to update on the go than, so look for all news updates about the MGAWC to appear on first. We will also post the leaderboard on this site when we get around to it.



Meh. We'll use our twitter @mediocregolf primarily to put out alerts to attendees when cool stuff is going down.

We might post some stuff on our facebook page, but more than likely it will just be auto-posts of the same albums we put up on Instagram (which might then auto-post to Twitter?)