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How Many Clubs You Carrying: Profile of an Oakland MGA Champion

This year instead of a tournament synopsis; because frankly we here at the Oakland MGA "do what we want" within USGA rules, and never get around to doing them anyway. We've decided to provide you medios with a player profile and interview with the 2018 Am-Am Champion: "R Bar" Tod Alsman.

Tod uses only the latest equipment to attain such feats. 10 Year old irons, mix matched wedges, some type of Callaway driver; he's not quite sure which type, hybrids, just hybrids, and an Odyssey 2-ball putter


2 Time MGA Winner:

     2018 AM-AM

     2017 Bastards

2 Time MGA Runner-Up:

     2017 Am-Am

     2016 FU Open

2 Time Gross Award Winner

2 Time Most Mediocre Winner

1 Time Meltdown Winner

2 Time Closest to the Pin Winner

0 Time Long Drive Winner (Patrick Reed can confirm you don't have to hit it big to win)

Career Winnings: $7.10


OAKMGA: Congratulations on your win! At what point during the tournament did you think you might win the 2018 Oakland Am-Am?

TA: I had no idea that I might win the tournament. People in my group seemed to have an idea because they kept whispering to each other about how I was playing. However, I didn't want to know my score. I had an idea of where I was, and all I kept thinking is "don't blow up!" If Dan "Bully" Bollwinkel didn't 4 putt we would have been in a playoff for the team award as well. It's cool though, playing a 97 yard hole twice, playing from the bunker twice, and 1 time chip-off against Leo was more than enough of a playoff for one day. Congratulations to team Reichold and Symons on their Am-Am win though; we'll get them next year.

OAKMGA: When did you start playing golf?

TA: In my early 20's. I found out drinking and golf went hand-in-hand. (drops mic)

OAKMGA: What is the best part of your game?

TA: Usually my opening line, like "do you work at Subway? Because you just gave me a footlong!"

OAKMGA: Golf game?

TA: Oh! My iron play. I don't hit it far, I just try to keep it in play and not blow up.

OAKMGA: Exactly how ancient are those irons? I'm not sure you'd get a box of Pro V1's at trade-in value for them?

TA: I bought them used 10 years ago. However, when my game kinda improved I bought new irons because I thought I was getting better which meant more expensive shit. Within weeks I sold the new irons, re-bought these same irons; not exac same, just same model used online and here we are.

OAKMGA: What is the worst part of your game?

TA: My iron play, and Dan "Bully" Bollwinkel. We could of, should of also been 2018 Oakland Am-Am team champions. (single tear tickles down his cheek)

OAKMGA: What is your most memorable MGA moment?

TA: Winning the 2017 Crossbay Cup against San Francisco. Beating Jon "El Presidente" Morley that day straight up; actually I think I had to give him a stroke, don't really recall though, it wasn't that important. Then breaking the trophy later that night celebrating; good day all around. Can't wait to do it again this year, and with this win I'm well on my way to captaining the 2018 Oakland Crossbay Cup Team.

OAKMGA: What is your most embarrassing golf moment?

TA: Being a young dumbass. Thinking I was good at golf. Throwing tantrums and clubs; snapping shit and all that super-duper stuff dumbasses do. Learned pretty fast though that that's not cool at all. Also being with Bully when he 4 putts. It's pretty embarrasing.

OAKMGA: What's your best round ever?

TA: Although not my lowest score, beating Morley at Monarch was a big deal. And my 2 MGA titles over the past 2 years. It's kind of amazing how much pressure there is to perform for a big cardboard check worth a buck and change, plus some blue trucker hat, or upside down visor.

OAKMGA: OK then, what's your lowest score ever?

TA: 74 maybe, on a par 70 though. I've never shot even par.

OAKMGA: What are you future goals on tour?

TA: Obviously to win again, retain the Crossbay Bay Cup, and hopefully attend the MGAWC for the first time, considering it's the 10 year anniversary and I've never been.

OAKMGA: Final question; what is something you'd want other Medios around the globe to know about you?

TA: If you come to the Wreck Room San Francisco (1390 California St. - representing the MGA you'll get a free shot, bartenders choice of course. If you're from the SF Chapter it'll probably be something like Gin.

Event Results

1.Tod Alsman88$1.12
2.Leonardo Arevalo88$0.74
3."Bourbon" Keith Kalseim89$0.62
4.Douglas Reichhold91$0.56
5.Ryan Symons93$0.47
5.Rob Doten93$0.47
7.Michael Baird95$0.34
7.Jon Prezalar95$0.34
9.Bully Bollwinkel97$0.25
10.Doug Griswold98$0.16
10.Gene Paychecky98$0.16
12.Josh Perry102$0.06
12.Eric Zunino102$0.06
14.Ed Chui103$0.03
14.Chris Clifford103$0.03
14.Matthew Greber103$0.03
17.Zach Romero104$0.00
17.Jhonno Bruce104$0.00
19.Andrew Snow107$0.00
20.Gary Reed112$0.00
20.Richard Mills112$0.00