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The I.E. is (F.U.) Open to New Medios

The Inland Empire brings a record 35 Medios & Guests...  to the most refreshing atmosphere, ever experienced, by anyone, ever... at a private course. Custom Lifted & Swagged Out Golf Carts everywhere, and a group of super friendly staff & members made Canyon Lake one of our best tourneys yet !!! In the words of the Governator, "We Will be Back" !!! 


Following in the footsteps of 2017 Champion Brian "Dr. Bob" Lopez, Dave Young makes the FU Open his first win in as many attempts, with an impressive 80 (+4)  


And another Rookie Medio, Anthony Gallardo, started with the requisit 14 clubs in his Bag... but finished with a few more in his cart... 

CANYON LAKE, CA-  Dave Young started out his 1st iemga tourney, being announced on the 1st tee, in the premium 1st group out, and finished in 1st. Along for the ride was 2018 Fore winner Ryan Davis and his brother who guested from Colorado and Electively played the Tips. To round out the bunch was Neil Ashworth who had his kid in tow, and who provided a good laugh during awards. In the middle of saying something, Neil's son had an exchange with CL Jstar that went something along the lines of... "Um, EXCUSE ME... I was just wondering, Why Hasn't My Dad Won Any Awards?" ... "Uh.... Ha Ha... You might wanna ask him about that..." Soon After though Neil did win his 1st Kinda Long Drive award even though he finished outside of the "money" for the 1st time.


Tanner Henry continued his run of consistency grabbing yet another Top 5 finish while his cousin Devin was also not too far behind. Tanner's steady play and Devin's potential to go low could really prove fruitful for the IE in Vegas. MGAWC Chapters Cup here we come! The other half of the IEMGA's "the family" finished closer to the Mediocre line but all of their outfits were top notch. Their sock game (not pictured) was on point and Hungry Howie's Mullet really screamed 'Merica !!!       

The best of our 2017 OG IEMGA Medios, "Screw You" Kyle Rossi, tied for 4th with 2017 Mediocre Golfer of the Year, Chris "Mediocre Tiger" Garcia, as they continue their back and forth battle in the Top 5 on the Chapter Money List (CML). Tommy Gun's tie for 2nd has kept him comfortably at the top since his win at the Bastards but consecutive Tie's have hurt his standing some on the Global CML. Still, he's our only Medio who's cracked the Top 10 at any given point so we're kinda pulling for and against him at the same time. It's a conflicting feeling. But carrying 8 strokes moving forward is gonna keep him in check so Any Given Saturday, the Big Check is up for grabs.  

Brian Carson on the other hand, almost had his engagement called off by his fiance when she saw the outfit he had put together for the F.U. Open. But at the end of the day his score looked a little better than he did as his tie for 6th has somewhat suprisingly kept him in the Top 10 conversation all season. In his group, Colin "C-Law" Lawrence's 100 was good enough to finish just inside the Money line while Gramicane stumbled to a disappointing 108. 

Back to the Prettier side of golf, I don't normally mention much about guests but we did have our 1st Two Females join us, who also dragged their men out and proved they were up for the challenge by playing a tough White Tee layout (as the field moved back to the Blues because of the course length). The whites were a little short for the field but pretty tough compared to the normal Lady's Reds Tees, but they both finished with smiles on their faces and on pace with the group in front of them. Hope y'all had a great time hanging with us Medios.  

Other than that, Jason "J-money" Moyer officially won the Meltdown Award for a 9 stroke swing but for only the 2nd time ever, we also had an "Dishonorary" Meltdown Award handed out. 2017 Most Improved Medio of the year, "Rockin" Ryan Kelly, was shooting one of the best rounds of his life. He headed into the par 5 18th sitting at an astounding 86. Mirdie (Par) would have put him at 91 and alone in 3rd place for his best finish ever. Instead he got into a tussle with some more Trees (which he hit the most of on the day for Stat of the Tournament) and carded a bridge jumping 15, to finish at 101 and tied for 15th... Ohhh what could have been. He won some plastic practice balls he was reccommended to use next time On the course so he doesn't deforrest the west coast and a Meltdown ball to remember how hard it can be to put together a complete round.

Lyman King however, became the 1st IEMGA Medio to earn the unfortunate distinction of being the only Red Key "winner" to carry Penalty Strokes. He was battling with his game from the start and a greenside bunker on 10 almost put him over the edge. But part of the MGA is accepting that most of us have those days so there's some sympathy from experience to be found. He'll be back and put his worst round in memory behind him.    

The Side Story of the day however belonged to the Group of Tim Minamyer, Wild Turkey, Matt Denaple, and Anthony Gallardo. As the story goes, at somepoint near the middle/late part of front 9, the group had collectively gotten out to a less than stellar start. Apparently, instead of facing the slow grind of Mediocrity, Tim suggested they spice things up and compete with each other for the rest of the holes and winner per hole can take one club out of each losers bags (or something like that). This has never before happened in a tournament and is probably best saved for a "practice round" with buddies but they all embraced it and seemed to have a great time.  

At the end of the day, Anthony Gallardo emerged the big winner with a 98, and the only one of the four to finish in the money. He also held a majority of everyone else's clubs which was certainly entertaining. Matt Denaple finished the last three holes using only two clubs or something (5iron & 6 iron). You'd think such a gamble on tournament day would sabatoge everyone but Tim, the original architect of the game within the game, actually played better on the back 9. Gotta love some Mediocre Golf !!!   

Much Thanks to Canyon Lake for having us out and to Golfland Warehouse for the prize donations. It's about time to start thinking about the MGAWC in Vegas if you haven't already, and I'll See y'all at Sierra Lakes for the Bratish! 

Event Results

1.Dave Young84$1.35
2.Tanner Henry89$0.83
2.Tommy Cochran89$0.83
4.Kyle Rossi92$0.64
4.Christopher Garcia92$0.64
6.Devin Hundley93$0.49
6.Brian Carson93$0.49
8.J "far from a star" Olson94$0.38
9.Ryan Davis96$0.30
10.Ryan Konkler97$0.23
11.Anthony Gallardo98$0.15
12.Mike Kemp99$0.08
13.Steve Woodland100$0.06
13.Colin Lawrence100$0.06
15.Chad Youngquist101$0.03
15.Rockin Ryan 101$0.03
17.Neil Ashworth102$0.00
18.Jeff Olson103$0.00
19.Howard Henry IV104$0.00
19.Tyler Janke104$0.00
21.Brian Whitworth105$0.00
22.Cody Jeffries106$0.00
23.Jason Moyer107$0.00
24.Graham Shelton108$0.00
25.Tim Minamyer109$0.00
26.Elliott Browne111$0.00
27.Matthew Denaple114$0.00
28.Lyman King117$0.00