Chapter News

IE vs OC for the MGA

Inland Empire and Orange County met up for an epic 24 vs 24 Medio Gross Stroke Match Play Team Battle... Although Not Everyone Finished !

IE's Dave "D.Y." Young was 4 UNDER PAR through 4 Holes !!

But Brian "Dr. Bob" Lopez brought home the Big Check (well, 6 weeks later) and has become IE's first Medio 3/4 of the way to a Career Mrand Slam !!!  



YORBA LINDA, CA-  Back in the middle of May things were kinda socially iffy but determined to push forward we had our first true socially distanced tourney go off without a hitch. Well as mentioned several Medios didn't finish their rounds, someone took a practice swing to the head, and we had a few late replacements, but unfortunately one of them not being the cart hag running the beverage version of the shell game, but like I said... without a hitch. At least the course was in pretty great condition and the rest of the staff was welcoming and generous with a few great prize donations to come back and replay. Anyways, on with some of the good, the mediocre, and the ugly.  

To take out any suspense from the epic battle, IE won... handily. The CL's matched up and Jstar played fairly well from the Blue tees after winning the AmAm and was able to squeek out a team point over Kenny by 2 strokes Net. And that's about as close as it got. Final team score was IE 17.5 - OC 6.5 if I recall. But it was still a blast. We'll definitely have to make a thing of this. But no Triumphant or dejected team pics this time. 

So Ya... Dave was -4 through 4, with eagles, I'm sorry... MALBATROSSES on the 2nd AND 4th holes. A chip in holeout on the par 4 and a par 5 in two with a drained putt. He would add a Meagle (birdie) on the 10th but otherwise had a 10 stroke Meltdown to go 35/45 and settle for another Low Gross award. I mean... Kyle still holds our chapter best score at 72 but none of us has ever sniffed 4 under through 4 before so BIG UPS to D.Y. !!! 

And so ya a 10 stroke Meltdown didn't win it... Eric "Bear" Matteson started out hot as well but faltered late and went 42/52 for a 10 stroke Meltdown also. With straight tee times for 48 Medios, Tim Minamyer went out in one of the early groups and had texted several of us about the impending doom of his golf game and basically requested we just bury his clubs where he left them in the parking lot... but of course his twelve stroke Meltdown 40/52 still left him in a tie for 7th place overall and with no official Meltdown award. That dishonor belonged to Chris "Kerp' Kerpan with an unfortunate +16 stroke vomit on the back 9. 49/65 and that's all he wrote, luckily one shot shy of the Red Key... which went to Ricky Dick... again.     

Neil "007" Ashworth played well, as he is prone to do, and came in with an 88 to T-2nd and grabbed another Kinda Long Drive to what I believe is probably the Chapter Record in the category but someone could double check me on that... 

Our Spirit Animal Gilbo Baggins won Most Mediocre with a 98 which is about average for us 

And Steve "Woody" Woodland went pin seeking with the Kinda Close award.

Brian Lopez won the big check but playing partner Brian Carson finished just behind him with an 88 and a tie for 2nd place to follow up on his AmAm team win. After almost winning Most Unimproved in 2019, Brian has quickly turned his game back around yet again and is playing pretty well in 2020.   

And Lastly, Jeff "Wild Turkey" Olson did very little of note on his way to a 15th place finish with his 102, but he did man up and do this on 18 after not hitting it past the lady tees... 

Event Results

1.Brian Lopez85$1.35
2.Brian Carson88$0.78
2.Neil Ashworth88$0.78
2.Dave Young88$0.78
5.Mike Archer91$0.56
5.Devin Hundley91$0.56
7.Josh Olson93$0.41
7.Tim Minamyer93$0.41
9.Mike Fitzsimmons94$0.26
9.John Dapsis 94$0.26
11.Eric Matteson98$0.10
11.Gilbert Tiedt98$0.10
11.Lyman King98$0.10
14.Ryan Davis99$0.05
15.Jeff Olson102$0.04
16.Markus Doll103$0.02
16.Myles Frazier103$0.02
18.Robert Smith105$0.00
19.Christopher Garcia106$0.00
20.Steve Woodland108$0.00
22.Chris Kerpan 118$0.00
23.Richard Dunham119$0.00
24.Jacob Milchak DNF$0.00