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Inaugural T-County Tournament

 Black Gold turned out to be quite the Rebel Beach. A little damp turf lead to dirty balls all around. Who could ask for a better Inaugural T-County Tournament? 17 members showing out. 5 Mediocre golfers finish within 3 strokes of the Win! With 3 or 4 more right there with a couple good bounces.   

     Brennon "Dead-Eye Dick" Mills and Will Mitchell top the field with 97s. Brennon with the Gross Award for his 88. Helping Will get that 97 was 2 Meagles (Birdies). Which lead the chapter. Ken "Grif" Schlabach, some day I'm going to find out where Grif comes from, smoked the front 9 like he was playing putt-putt. Looking like he was going to run away with the title. The back 9 wasn't so kind, leading Grif to win the Meltdown award. Even winning that award Grif still managed to come in 3rd with a 98. One bad hole cost James "Jimmy SuperFly" Yoder the top spot. He comes in tied for 4th at 100. Kyle Smallcombe also shoots a 100, but he leaves happy because his Am-Am partner was Brennon. Those two combine to shoot a 197 and win the 2 headed trophies by 6 strokes. At 203 the 2-some of Will and Merlin Coblentz come in 2nd. Merlin proved to be the Most Mediocre on the day. Kyle White has the makings of a top contender written all over him. That was obvious when he double dips. Winning both the Long Drive and Closest to the Pin. Rob Miller ends up winning the Red Key.

Event Results

1.Will Mitchell97$1.12
2.Brennon Mills97$0.74
3.Kenneth Schlabach98$0.62
4.James Yoder100$0.53
4.Kyle Smallcombe 100$0.53
6.Kyle White103$0.43
7.Titus miller104$0.37
8.Merlin Coblentz106$0.31
9.Michael Denham107$0.25
10.Nathan Kanouff109$0.19
11.Chad Kanouff 110$0.12
12.Shawn Loibl117$0.06
13.Brad Dyer124$0.04
13.Derek Storm124$0.04
13.Jason Herbert124$0.04
16.Allen Riechers130$0.02
17.Rob Miller139$0.00

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