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J.B. Wins the 2015 NOCO The Last, Last Gasp By "The Original" John Morley (notic

That is, as opposed to the first Last Gasp, which happened the week before. We had it scheduled too late and were not able to finish. This means that the Hole In One, (Number eight, Highland Meadows!) scored by Allan Larson, did not make it into the MGA history books. (It is not forgotten Allan!) I understand there was another this month in San Diego as well. Our world is upside down!
However, it is appropriate that we repeated; the tournament and the word “Last,” because this recap is becoming a “rehash.”
So here is the old news: Jon Brandt, winner, again. (80 raw, plus 7).... Followed by his Father, Jerry, again..... Winner almost always in my group, yada yada,.... Boomerang in Greeley... Beautiful day...Blah, blah, blah.... DQ, dq'ed.... etc. etc.. .Same ol Same ol
Ok, so there was frost on the greens and we had to wait to play, that was new. And the greens were extremely fast, that was different as well. Kent Williams did not come in last....Wait, that IS news!