Chapter News

Jeff Cool wins by a landslide!

Jeff Cool wins his 1st tournament since being crowned the Born Hairy Champ... and he did it with ease. What happened to the rest of the field?

Taking home the big check and the brand spanking new FU trophy is Jeff Cool shooting an even 80 (84) and beating 2nd place by 11 strokes. Yikes! Speaking of 2nd place, we had a tie at 95 between Jonathan Reatiga and Travis Strang both earning 0.83 cents. That's another strong finish for Travis who looks like he wants the chapter money trophy.


Also in a tie for 4th was Matt Schmidt and Kenny Carlson both shooting 96 and pocketing 0.64 cents. Not a bad day when you shoot upper 90s and still finish in the top 5. 6th place was stolen by LAMGAer James Amezcua who shot 97 and ran away with 0.53 cents of OC money. Garran Hein jumps into the top 10 in 7th place with a 98 and earns 0.45 cents. Scott Miller slides into 8th place with a 99 and takes home 0.38 cents. Finally, rounding out the top 10 was a tie for 9th at a clean 100 between Fred Valenzuela and Carl Swanstrom. They both earn 0.26 cents.


Besides winning the tournament, Jeff Cool obviously also won the Gross Award. In addition, he takes the Kinda Close Award while being in the 1st group. That means everyone saw what they had to beat and couldn't. Now that's mediocre.


The Most Mediocre award goes to Matt Schmidt, his 2nd this season, with a nice 45/45 split. Can someone else win this award?


The Long Drive goes to Jonathan Reatiga, who stole it from Kenny Carlson, from the elevated tee box. Therefore, it flew farther than it should have.


Lastly, the Meltdown Award and Red Key both go to Rik Patel who not only shot a 136, but got there with a whopping +10 on the back 9. That's a good way to get the Red Key.


Once again, we had perfect SoCal weather. The course was in great condition and the greens were running smooth. Hopefully that continues at the next tournament, The Bastards, at Riverview GC on June 27th. Who is going to win the coveted Trucker Hat and Bastards Jacket? Tune in to find out.

Event Results

1.Jeff Cool84$1.35
2.Jonathan Reatiga95$0.83
2.Travis Strang95$0.83
4.Matt Schmidt96$0.64
4.Kenny Carlson96$0.64
6.James Amezcua97$0.53
7.Garran Hein98$0.45
8.Scott Miller99$0.38
9.Carl Swanstrom100$0.26
9.Fred Valenzuela 100$0.26
11.jeff cline101$0.15
12.Eric Frid102$0.08
13.Tony Morales105$0.07
14.Ivan Hernandez108$0.05
15.Charles Day109$0.04
16.Max Schuman114$0.02
17.Tom Alexander117$0.00
18.Jamie Adams118$0.00
19.Greg Sr. Valenzuela130$0.00
20.Rikin Patel136$0.00