Chapter News

Jeremy "Gunshow" Ramey Snatches the Chain

After three and a half seasons, 26 events, 7 top 3 finishes, two playoff losses and the threat of t-storms, Jeremy "Gunshow" Ramey finally takes the 2020 MGA for his first career win. Many thought JRam's best days were behind him especially with Covid-19 attempting to deflate his 24 in pythons, but with his new swing guru and solemn promise never to raise his clubs in anger, he pushed through and won by two strokes with an 83 and won the Long Drive to boot.  With our largest field of the season (51) the medios were in midseason form  with 20 medios finishing in the money, and the beverage cart being sold out by the 8th hole.  Other notables were new comers Bryan Peck winning closest to the pin, and Ryan Ralls taking home the Red Key with an impressive 119.  Jeremy Ishmael won the meltdown award with an impressive 45 front and a soul crushing 61 on the back 9, oh and lastly Jason Watson was Gross with a (73).

Event Results

1.Jeremy Ramey83$1.35
2.Andrew Mixon85$0.90
3.Tino Lopez86$0.75
4.Alex Lopez89$0.68
5.Greg Madrid90$0.60
6.Kevin Jordan91$0.45
6.Charles Fry91$0.45
6.Eric Pike91$0.45
9.David Castillo92$0.19
9.Alex Schaer92$0.19
9.Myke Prier92$0.19
9.Gaston Ammons92$0.19
13.Jason Haraputczyk 93$0.05
13.Lance Pownall93$0.05
13.Kevin Hilton93$0.05
13.Jim Goetz93$0.05
13.Eric Watson93$0.05
13.Scott Erb93$0.05
13.John Cole93$0.05
13.Shawn Norfolk93$0.05
21.Joe Nieto95$0.00
22.daniel escamilla96$0.00
22.Bryan Peck96$0.00
22.Clinton Purdy96$0.00
25.Erik Vergara97$0.00
25.Brian Carey97$0.00
27.Steven Boyett98$0.00
27.Chris Phillips98$0.00
29.Brian Turchi99$0.00
29.Jeremy Holley 99$0.00
29.Ed Sekula99$0.00
32.Russell Litchfield100$0.00
32.Jordon Seidl100$0.00
32.Justin Kropp100$0.00
35.James “Close, But No Cigar” Cannon102$0.00
36.Chris Zimmerman103$0.00
37.Gary Davis104$0.00
37.Matt Zimmerman104$0.00
37.Patrick Wasson104$0.00
37.Andy Pike104$0.00
41.Jeff Aschenbrenner106$0.00
41.clay weems106$0.00
41.Jeremy Ishmael106$0.00
44.Dustin Douglas107$0.00
44.Skee Leonard107$0.00
46.Risto Deinlein110$0.00
47.Justin Ishmael114$0.00
48.Michael Scala118$0.00
49.Ryan Ralls119$0.00
51.Jason WatsonDQ$0.00
51.Brian FinkDNF$0.00