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Jordan Speith Melts Down at NoCo Am-Am, Allows Jerry Brandt another Win

In what could only be described as a most-mediocre moment, Jordan, after not taking a drop in the zone, chunked his second ball into the pond on the twelfth hole, leading to a quadruple bogey, seven on the par three. His two shot lead was no more, and he would never recover. The crowd was in disbelief.
It was Saturday, at the Saddleback Golf Club, in Firestone, Colorado. A beautiful day in the upper sixties. Tee offs at 11:00allowed us to an early finish of five-thirty or so. The greens were dry and slow on the front nine and seemed faster and truer on the back. (Ok, maybe some putting oil was involved.) The white tees were not challenging enough for some?!, so we moved to the blues after the first tee. Had we been on the blues then, my first drive probably wouldn't have gone out of bounds, leading to my nine on that hole. Just saying...
Yes , Alright, Jordan actually didn't do that at an MGA event that Saturday, he did it the next day, at the most prestigious PGA event. And speaking of nines, two days earlier, Ernie Els, at that same prestigious PGA event, six putted, some of those from less than a foot, for a nine, on the opening hole of the event. My point here is....The lines between the PGA and the MGA are starting to blur. Who knows, if bad golf boosts ratings, we could be televised very soon.
So what really happened on that day at Saddleback? Well, Jerry really did win, again. It was an 89, I believe. That got him into a playoff with Christian “Captain” Kirk, and that was resolved in a classic MGA, bogey-double bogey, or should I say Mar-Mogey, finish. The trophy was taken by the Jon Brandt and Sean Davis team. Jon DQ'd with a 77! and Sean came in with a very respectable 92, for a total of 169. Can you DQ and still win? We gave it to him anyway.