Chapter News

Joseph Sisco wins his second major at the F.U. Open

Joseph Sisco brought his sweet touch to his home course (Fossill Creek) in June, as he becomes one of the only players in Texas to now own both the FU and Bratish Open trophies.  Amazingly enough, he held off both Chris Phillips and Dan Cantrell by one stroke - and Chris was 2 under after 5 holes with a hole in one!  

Event Results

1.Joseph Sisco87$1.35
2.Dan Cantrell88$0.83
2.Chris Phillips88$0.83
4.William Davis90$0.68
5.Brandon Alaniz91$0.56
5.Mike Windham91$0.56
7.Chase Windham93$0.45
8.Dale Williford94$0.34
8.Brian Berry94$0.34
10.Brad Roberts95$0.23
11.Jonathan Dennehy96$0.11
11.Ryan Riviello96$0.11
13.Robert Martinez97$0.07
14.Daniel Gray98$0.05
15.Andy Borman100$0.04
16.Matthew Dorchak101$0.02
17.Robbie Rogers107$0.00
18.Allen Luna108$0.00
19.David Badger122$0.00
20.Michael Rountree126$0.00
21.Jacob McGregor 127$0.00