Chapter News

Jstar, a Bridesmaid, & 2 DQ's walked into a bar...

CL Jstar squeeks out a one stroke victory at the Last Gasp


IEMGA has it's first TWO DQ's of the year


And Ricky Dick finally gets paid 

FONTANA, CA- So... Jstar, a Bridesmaid, and Two DQ's walk into a bar... only to stagger out and realize there's a golf course at Sierra Lakes, so we decided might as well play it. With our smallest field since 2017, there was a quaintness about the tournament that I'm sure some guys in chapters like North Dallas, Las Vegas, and West Valley  occasionally miss... I think even El Presidente and some other Super Vets can identify with that feeling as MGAWC has grown over the years. I know bigger is usually better, and I'm not saying it's not, just kinda nice to have the smaller familiar group setting for a change.  

So ya some Jackasses slowed our pace by being 30 minutes late and then slow on the course, but honestly it was kinda nice to see one or two groups in front or behind you on every hole... kept things real casual for the last regular tourney of the year. One group actually finished most of the back as a 6 plus a hobbled Tim Min spectating and still kept pace. It was a bummer Tim tweaked his back prior and had to settle for 3rd on the CML (which he kept even not playing) but at least he came out and heckled.  

The target of much of his heckling was our somewhat regular Red Key holder Ricky Dick Dunham, who wasn't playing Reds this day cause Rockin Ryan reverted to '17 form at the dabg before his last CML push for the top spot but more on that later... Anyways, ever the instigator, Ricky Dick kept imploring the group to talk shit to him even above and beyond Tim Min's regular jabs, when unexpectedly Gramicane delivered what felt like a knockout blow with one simple understated word after a bad shot of Ricky's.... "Typical" .... Timing and Delivery were perfect... we were all in stitches...

But in the end Ricky got the last laugh because due to a field of 20, w/ 2 DQ's and one DNF (Dr. Bob apologized for bailing but said his wife "made him an offer he couldn't refuse", which I can only assume means threesome so we can't really blame the guy...) Ricky still won the Red Key but finished at 16th and in the money for the first time since 2017!     

So ya... Jstar won the Last Gasp for the second time in his career. His 84 seemed to come out of nowhere for some, but others felt it was hovering under the surface for a while and was simply a long time coming. It ties his best MGA round ever (from our first tournament ever) and vaulted him up from 10th, to a 6th place finish on a fairly competetive money list on the season... not too bad.  But what it also means is while the IEMGA's Young Guns (YG's) captured our chapters first ever Mryder Cup in January '19, The OG's ended up winning 5 of the 8 regular season tournaments this year (and a par 3 contest wink wink). So while 2020 will be an off year for our intrasquad battle, there's still a little momentum and motivation for the OG's to look forward to revenge in January 2021. 

But back here in Oct '19...

Our Bridesmaid referenced in the title joke is Rookie Medio Mike Archer. Mike shot a strong round of 82 on the day but due to his normally above average play, his (+3) strokes landed him one stroke back of Jstar, and gave him his 3rd 2nd place finish this season... Don't worry dude, one day your prince will come. 

MGAWC18 Vet. Dave "D.Y." Young (cover shot L)  was going glass for glass American vs Canadian Whiskey w/ his CL pre-round and the Americans apparently won cause DY went low with a 78 to DQ for his first time ever. I mean he shoots 80 or 81 in half of the tourneys he plays (including round 2 worlds) so its not really a suprise, but he's actually had a tougher go at it this year so glad he finally got the DQ he deserves.  

But even though Jstar brought home the trophy and big check, the real star of the day was Eric "Bear" Matteson (cover shot R)  who shot a lifetime best 75. His previous best round came earlier this year when he got his first win ever with an 84 at Eagle Glen, so we knew he had it in him, but to actually make that jump into the 70's is really impressive. He lead our team at MGAWC18 when he finished 14th in the world and he'll be coming back to lead our team this year. Look for an upcoming interview on Instagram @iemga to find out how he does it.   

Event Results

1.Josh Olson84$1.12
2.Mike Archer85$0.74
3.John Dapsis 88$0.62
4.Shane Wells91$0.53
4.Rockin Ryan 91$0.53
6.Neil Ashworth92$0.40
6.Josh Schuler92$0.40
8.Christopher Garcia94$0.31
9.Jason Moyer95$0.25
10.Devin Hundley101$0.16
10.Lawrence Kelly101$0.16
12.Steve Woodland102$0.06
13.Anthony Gallardo108$0.06
14.Jeff Olson109$0.04
15.Graham Shelton111$0.03
16.Richard Dunham126$0.02
19.Dave YoungDQ$0.00
19.Eric MattesonDQ$0.00
19.Brian LopezDNF$0.00