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Korey outlasts JP in Playoff!


The Knoxville MGA played their 7th annual Bratish Open at Woodlake Golf Resort. This was a 1st time playing this course for the Knoxville MGA'ers, and it didn't disappoint!

Marty drill one straight OB off the 1st tee box and then retees and hits the exact same shot = consistency! Spencer had a great day as he shot a gross 80 on the day, but yet again always a bridesmaid! John started playing hooky on the back and was in line for the meltdown award and looking for his 2nd career towel.......that didn't happen as Terry stole his thunder and in a HUGE way by shooting a +19 on the back! Very Very Impressive! Hole #4 Sean was rearrange the yard markers as he absolutely drilled the 100 yard marker by blading a 9 iron! Closest to the pin was won by Shane but didn't birdie it. Newcomer Chris won the Long Drive with no birdie as well as the Long Putt. JP made Eagle on hole 11 and took the money home!

As for the winner......we had to go to a playoff between JP and Korey both shooting 83's on the day. Playoff hole started really well with both player driving the hell out of the ball..... into the woods! Korey outlasted JP 7 to 8!

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Event Results

1.Korey Whitlock83$1.26
2.Justin Paul83$0.84
3.Paul Smith84$0.70
4.Junior Wiggins 85$0.63
5.Spencer Orick86$0.56
6.Martin Niezgoda87$0.39
6.Shane Peck87$0.39
6.Cody Mckee87$0.39
6.chris dodson87$0.39
10.Michael Forcier88$0.21
11.Sean Fay89$0.14
12.Jeremiah Householder90$0.07
13.Jason Pruitt91$0.06
14.Fred Tipton92$0.05
15.Glenn Asher95$0.03
15.Jason Bowers95$0.03
17.Bill Hickman96$0.00
17.Marcus Pratt96$0.00
17.Jason Martinez 96$0.00
17.Mark Love96$0.00
21.Joe Ontiveros97$0.00
22.John Henley99$0.00
23.David Simons 101$0.00
23.Dave Keener101$0.00
25.Patrick Stambaugh102$0.00
25.Curtis Stone102$0.00
27.David Ashburn103$0.00
28.Max Raterman104$0.00
29.Shelly Henley106$0.00
30.Terry Beason 109$0.00
31.Michael Grider118$0.00
31.Daniel Vass118$0.00
33.Charles Norris119$0.00
34.Darrell Roberts142$0.00